I was a member went by Blue90.

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I couldn't use my old user because it was used. I've been out of it all for a while . Don't have a layout , all I'm trying to do is finish the loco's I started quite a while ago. I have air brushes , Badger and Thayer chandler and Paasche. I started out with a Badger 200 and 150 well before the 200 was changed and wish I'd never sold them . I have tried yet never practiced enough to get the hang of a dual action. I have a Badger 155 and Vega 2000 and Paasche VL med tip. One badger made up long ago basically a TT3000 so it's a dual action with a badger HD tip and has a needle stop. Most all my air brushing has been done with a Paasche H #3 and it was the 3rd brush I got then a badger 350 M tip. I have an old 350 as well and 4 Paasche H and a Paasche SI #3 and a revell same as a TC Vega 600 yet has the old type Badger head med .05 mm so I can't say if it will work with the model flex paint.

I am sort of lost on paint I have only used Scale coat 1 and 2 and Floquil and once testors enamel.

All the loco's I have are either old blue box Athearn and some I kit bashed . I sold all the ones other than a few that I painted. And now the price is so high for HO loco's I just want to finish what I have. I have no idea what paint to use never tried Model flex on plastic just wood. I still have lots of floquil .

I thought of getting another air brush like a Paasche talon BF yet I don't need one really it just looks like a nice brush. I had a Paasche Mil # 3 yet sold it thought of another since they have changed the head a bit.

Mainly it's the paint I don't know what to use. So much has changed even though I can still work an air brush. Even the paint costs a lot now. Got my old sears shop compressor and Paasche reg and a Zeny compressor with a 3 liter tank seems to work well so I can use it in the apt instead of the garage. It also has a Paasche regulator since the one Zeny used had the wrong fittings even to the tank so I retapped the tank for 1/8 NPT which it what it is and cleared out the hard sealer they used.

I have maybe 10 locos I need to paint and do mostly C&NW , Milwaukee and C&GW at least that's what I was doing.

Any help with the paint would help me out.


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So what questions in particular do you have? Will Modelflex spray OK? Yes, it will. That's what it's formulated for. I usually use a little of their retarder, typically a dropper full in each new bottle. Floquil and Scalecoat will work just fine, though you don't say anything about using them in an apartment. Needless to say, adequate ventilation is a must. I'd say practice up on your double action skills. The Talon is a nice airbrush, but it is a double action. I have taught airbrush for years and have had 9 year old kids using double action in ten minutes. It's sometimes more difficult to unlearn what you do with a single action than to learn what you do with a double action (the voice of experience).

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