Greetings from over the puddle

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Welcome James, your layout looks pretty good to me, but that's from someone who runs his US trains on a Queensland based club layout. You can rest assured that somewhere it's representative of. You've come to the right place for freely given knowledge and advice. A good source for pictures of locos and rolling stock is Also check out a free online magazine, also on YouTube.
And don't worry there are some of US (vary rare though) who even model UK prototype (Padstow in the summer of 1947!) as well as US (Southern Pacific San Ramon branch line in 1947-1954. Always willing to translate.


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Welcome and nice to see another N Scaler here. I can only echo the words of others, don't worry about whether it looks North American, English, European or anywhere else if it comes to that - do what you like, that's what is important.


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Welcome, James!
Nice going .... lots of detail there. I had to go back and look closer after "N" scale was mentioned.
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