Eiffel Tower Lighting??? Suggestions? Please!

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Total Newbee Here:
Wife surprised me last spring and took me to Paris. Our anniversary is New Year's Eve. Just walked through a store and grabbed a 3' tall Eiffel Tower (very ornate metal wire structure). Figured I'd wire it up to look like the real one and throw in a "Thanks for another great year." card. Goal is to have it out on the deck on the bar I just made. First idea was to get some long strands of 5mm LED miniature tree lights and stuff them up inside. Would look much better with scale lighting. I can wire just about anything, and have some time to put into the project (scale Eiffel Towers cost less than diamond ear-rings). So ... please offer suggestions.

Thanks in advance.

Interesting that you wound up posting here! - I like your thought process :)

3', lit from the bottom, is gonna need a *lot* of light to "work" IMHO.

How about pulling something like a halogen light fixture apart - The one in the pic is ~$30..... Put the whole mess on a base of some kind and shield/direct the lights "as appropriate"?

Just a thought.



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You could also do something with fiber optics ... house the light source in a base of some sort and then feed the fiber optic cables up to the light housings. Paint the outside of the fiber optic cable with black or silver to blend into the structure. Melting the end of the cable to form a bulb shape will provide different lighting results.
Both great ideas. Will investigate to see if I can pull it off.

Just occurred to me I could make it functional and put a miniature spotlight on the top, big enough to illuminate the gas grill when bbq'ing.
My buddy just bought 2 of these home - Thought of this thread - "Stanley tripod lights" - Opened up they're about 3" tall and you can apparently focus the beam "from a spot to a flood"..... $9.99ea :)

As for lighting the BBQ, how are you gonna get it high enough? - That's becoming a serious base..... ;)


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