Dream coming true

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Plucked Tailfeathers
Staff member
BOYD -- I'll add a welcome here as well! You certainly have done a lot of work - with more to come. You have my attention - can't wait to see more progress.
Your plan and benchwork and track laying looks great. Good luck with the construction.
That big box of marshmallows should provide some pick-me-up energy?

Jim 68cuda

Active Member
Oh I know. Each layout will take on it's own identity and each of you will be working at your own pace. But, at times it will feel like a race.
I moved three years ago and a buddy moved a couple years before that. He dismantled his layout and will be building a completely new layout in his basement. I on the other hand plan to reassemble my old layout from my old house in my new basement. I've got the benchwork up, and have stalled on the rewiring. My buddy is drywalling his basement before starting on all new benchwork. Yet its still a race, and I fear he might actually get his trains running again before I do.
Meanwhile, I have a 68 Dodge Charger that is freshly painted and will soon be coming home from the body shop with the engine already reinstalled but still requiring some reassembly. And another buddy has his 69 Dodge A-100 pickup in another body shop, freshly painted but still a mere shell on a rotisserie. Mine is much farther along, but his restoration shop will be completely re.assembling his truck. That's a race too. He thinks his Dodge will be back on the road before mine.
So yeah, you may not think its a race now, but we'll see. Either way, watching both builds progress side by side, here on this forum, will be exciting to watch. Both builds will have me riveted for the duration.

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