DPM, Rix and Smalltown models

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I was looking at some buildings for sale and wanted to know if anyone has any feedback on the Smalltown build kits or parts. I would like to know if the details are as nice as the DPM models or if the scale of these was off. I can't tell from the pictures if the bricks are to scale or so large they look like toys.

Anyone have experience with these kits, I would love to hear about it.

Thank you.



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These are great kits. I used them as well as a Walthers kit for the down town area in the last town I built. I will admit that painting all of the windows was a pain in the a**, but if you take your time, you can have some good looking buildings.

IMAG0703.jpg This building is a Walthers kit, three buildings in one.

IMAG0824.jpg The first was a Woodland Scenics kit with DPM off to the left

Main Street.jpg The cafe is a DPM kit.

Here's the town under construction.

Logan_076.jpg What's nice is that you can pretty well make them for any type of business you want.
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Some of the Small Town buildings are identical to DPM buildings. I have a couple that I haven't build that I found when I was cleaning out my work bench for our remodeling a couple of months ago that I won't be needing. I finally have almost all of the building I will need for my layout. Now it's the detail work. The scale is excellent. If you take your time with them, you can make an inexpensive kit into a really good looking building. I would bet that most layouts have at least a few of them.


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Dave - I use all three, DPM, Rix, and Smalltown; and I am pleased with all of them. As Chet said, painting all of the windows can be a pain, but I don't try to get in a hurry and maybe paint two walls today, and put it down and paint two walls tomorrow. That said, even the Walther's Merchants Row buildings have molded in windows, just many more of them. These kits are relatively easy to construct, and can be easily customized to fit any need. I don't always use them as their name indicates.
The Smalltown kits mostly use many of the same side and rear walls between them. Some side walls have windows, some don't. The same rear walls are not a big deal unless you have an alley with all rear walls facing an aisle. All of them have window/curtain sheets now, they didn't when I first started using them. I scan and store them on the computer and use some of them on other kits without similar sheets.
The DPM kits are all unique in that no common parts are used.
The only Rix dwelling kits that I am aware of are the Maxwell Ave houses that are all the same with different porches and orientations. I use a lot of their grain bins and other accessories as well.
I need lots of structures and I have multiples of many of the DPM and Smalltown kits. I use different paint schemes and provide my own business signs to differentiate them. I also put them on different levels on different aisles so it is not very apparent.
DPM is now owned by Woodland Scenics. Rix, Smalltown and Pikestuff are all now owned by the same company, Rix, but they retain the individual branding.
Unlike Chet, I haven't found any cross-brand duplication, yet. Give me a day or so and I will post some pictures.



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Of the 3 makes you mentioned I have only used the DPM which are very nice kits. The detail in them is very good and they assemble very well. As with the other guys, you can make them any business you want and, with different paintwork, can make them look like different buildings. If I had a choice, I would stick with DPM kits for plastic buildings as they are very realistic looking and adaptable.


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Dave - Here are a few pictures of my structures.
08-18-16 001.001.JPG
All three of these are Smalltown with my own signs on the two on the right. The interior of the drugstore is a picture I downloaded from the Internet, resized and printed for my own use.
Across the street is a DPM building.
08-18-16 002.001.JPG
Next up is another DPM building.
08-18-16 006.001.JPG
Both of these used the signage that came with the kits.
Next post please.



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Now here's a couple of the Walther's Merchants Row structures. You didn't ask about them, but they fit in well with the others.
View attachment 58202 View attachment 58203
Don't remember which of the numbers that they are, I think IV and V.
Another DPM model.
View attachment 58204
As you can see and judge for yourself, I think that they work well for my situation.



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Great thread Dave!

Chet no matter how many times I see your layout I find something new every single time!

Willie those are great looking buildings.

The Schlitz truck makes me think of Artie Donavan.

I love vehicles, Chet and Willie you guys have some great ones!

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