DCC question multiple units

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Have a question regarding using two identical DCC command units on one railroad. I just got a new Bachman EZ Command DCC unit in the mail today...unfortunately, I also was looking at some stuff I had stored that was left to me by my cousin. About 50 cars, 7 engines, 12 building kits and there was another EZ unit in the box. So now I have two...is it possible to use both at the same time on the same command bus, i.e. one for locomotives and the second one for non-locos, like lighting, switches etc? Or, do I need to return one or sell it on ebay? I know I know, it has been a LONG time since I've done any HO modeling as I built a sizeable Garden railway...now my knees won't allow me to get in and work on it so I'm moving back to HO...



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If nothing else, put it away for when the one you are using goes haywire! You can't repair this electronic stuff, and by the time it happens, the replacement cost will have increased by at least 40%! :rolleyes::confused:


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Booster supplies are only needed once you have a layout that is large enough that there is a voltage drop because of distance, or, if you want separate 'power districts' (much the same as DC's 'blocks') so a short circuit that cuts the power to the rails only affects the district it is supplying. As DCC supplies the full voltage to the track at all times, I don't believe connecting more than one power supply will do any harm, should only increase the number of engines/remote devices that can be run.

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