Coffee grounds?

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The thread on WS nut shell ballast got me thinking...

Anybody use coffee grounds for scenicking? I usually toss 'em in the flower beds for mulch but I was just noticing their texture and color. i suppose they'd start to rot eventually or would they? WS ballast is organic and doesn't rot (that I know of)...


Fleeing from Al
Coffee grounds, if they are well dried, are very stable and were used for ballast for many years, before RTR ballast came out. As long as the color matches what you need, they work fine. Don't try to dye it though. We did that and the darned stuff never got dry, even after three hours in an oven.
Yes, I do.

I have a coffee maker in the office and every day we make oe or two pots of coffee.
I put the used grounds into a plastic container, bring it home and then spread it onto a foil pan and pu it in the oven at 250 for about 45 minutes to dry it out and prevent mould.
It works. The high heat dries the moisture out of the grounds almost completely. I put them on a microwave-safe plate and zap them good. The grounds come out almost in the state they went into the coffee pot. (I have even mixed in a little fresh grounds and re-used them to make more coffee. Takes just like the 'real thing.') is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to