Boston Model Train Shops

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I will be in the Boston area in early April. Does anyone know of good Boston Train Shops or even local internet shops especially for n-scale?

I'd like to buy some items without paying shipping and Canadian border taxes. :)
Hello! I live in Boston. The closest place to Boston that stocks N scale is Charles Ro supply company (the retail store for G-scale manufacturer USA Trains) in Malden, MA. They carry most scales and have a decent variety.

About 50 miles from Boston is Shepaug Railroad Company in Leominster, MA which carries a large variety of N scale stuff as well as HO (the owner is an N Scaler himself!). They will be moving to a new location at the end of this month but will still be in Leominster, ma.

Places to avoid:

South Shore hobby is in East Weymouth, MA and they're open whenever the owner, who is an elderly man, decides to open. I've never been there when they are open but from what I've heard, they generally carry antique HO steamers.

Minuemen hobbies in East Braintree, MA has a few HO trainsets but generally caters to he R/C crowd (most likely does not carry N scale)
Thank you Eric. I'm taking notes. I'll be there with my car and so that a HS is a bit away from the Boston's core isn't a problem.
I can suggest a few shops near but not in Boston. There is Hobby Emporium in Tyngsboro, MA about 30 minutes north of Boston on the MA/NH line. It is a large shop with an excellent selection of N Scale. There is Neal's NGaugeing Trains in Hampton, NH about 45 minutes north of Boston again on the MA/NH line. They specialize in N scale. There is also a shop in Norton, MA? The name escapes me that specializes in N scale, possiblely someone else here knows the name, I've also seen them advertised in the back of RMC or MR. Shepaug as metioned before is also excellent, I buy HO stuff from him. Good luck.
Acton Model Railroad Center has NOTHING. Neither does Hobbytyme in Auburn. They both cater to either large scale or R/C.

Maine Trains in Chelmsford, MA has a good selection of N scale stuff.

AA Hobbies in Warwick, RI (about 40 miles from Boston) has a monster selection of HO scale stuff and a decent selection of N.
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Hi Russel,
I wanted to make a note about the distance that Eric mentioned, no offense meant Eric, but from Boston to Warwick, RI. it's actually about 61 miles and when I was back there it was a long drive but I'll have to admit Dept of Hwys was doing some work on 95 and slowed things down so seemed to be a longer drive even to Providence which is prior to Warwick by about 12 miles. So it's not real close as some of the other shops up North. The only good thing about going that way, down 95, at least it was some years back, there were no toll roads.

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