A new beginning inspired from my old Central Midland Layout

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Layout is looking great! Funny, I am just finishing up (are they ever really finished) this one and have discovered I like passenger trains and big steam. LOL The Big Boy, Challengers and large early diesels (E units) and passenger cars are not real happy on this layout soooooooo. I am starting another one in what used to be our game room. I have a 25 x 16 is space. I may connect the two through the wall, we will see how that goes. Lucky for me my wife is on board as she has the bug too and has discovered she is a pretty good model builder and really gets into scenery (she did some of what you see in the video).

Wow, I like that video. I know I have been promising people I would get back to working on the layout but this first year of retirement has been really crazy. Twin girls that are going to be 4 months old this week, parents health not doing the best and then I have been running for City Council. I just can't seem to just relax. I figure I will get my life organized the first year and then relax more this winter and next year. I have started back on my layout, sort of. I have been fixing some engine issues and doing some track maintenance. The good thing is I have come up with some new scenery ideas I may try this winter. I still have the staging yard to build and I may start on that next week. We have to watch the twins 4 days a week and so there is some time I can spend during the day. All and all I have been getting back into the trains at least 2 to 3 times a week again. Guess, I needed the break.
I had a chance to do some scenes on some corners that were not very detailed. I like camping so I made a campground. I moved my cows from one area to this corner and added some fencing. I am actually ready for the cooler weather that will keep me working on the layout. ( I know a few cows are on there side, they're sleeping :D) Notice the Chik-fil-let reference?

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