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  • hey matt

    after seeing your nycs i knew i found my line.
    i like the nyc and have the full kato pa-1 and cars
    i'm just not a fan of the 40's-50's. pa's/fa-1 are cool
    but i needed modern motive power. here are two
    bachmann n scale -8's. i wanted you to see them first...

    Thanks for writting back. Well Like I said before, I am a huge Espee fan, I grew up with espee running a tank car train behind my house when I lived in California, I then moved to Espee rich Oregon and moved to Cottage Grove which is right on the Syskue Line. I used to really like UP, in fact I always thought that it would be cool to see my two favorite railroads running to gether. When UP first bought D&RGW-SP-SSW I thought it would be cool, i figured they would come up with a merger paint scheme like BNSF, and figured I would continue to see SP stuff running around, never would I have guessed that espee would disapear altogether.

    With that in mind, UP has really left a sour tast in my mouth.
    My solution, modeling Souther Pacific Rio Grand Company. My Railroad concept is simple, in 1989 SP merged with Rio Grande (SP will have a controlling part of the company, rather than selling them selves to Rio Grande) and in 1991 SPRGC, Comes out with the Speed lettering paint scheme.
    In 2000 Struggling UP-WP-MP breakes up. SP takes Union Pacific. WP and MP are for sale.
    I am currently in the prosses of painting an ex UP SD90MAC/43 into SP, I am going to also paint some modern AC4400Cw's(later models, an SD70MAC, and eventually some SD70ACE's into SP) . Thats my goal any ways.
    Dear, MTRPLS, Hi my name is Josh I live in Oregon. I am a big SP fan, I hate the fact that UP bought them out. So I am wanting to to "proto-lancing" SP/Rio Grande into modern times. I really like your site, and I want to pursue something similar to what you, and the guy who is doing the Rock Island railroad. Also I would like to join your guyses group.
    Well hopefully talk to ya later,
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