Tangent's latest offering is an excellent model. We're talking museum quality here. The level of detail can be matched only with resin kits, or brass. it's reasonably durable too. You can pick it up without breaking anything, and it's nicely weighted, so you can put it anywhere in the train. There are a variety of paint schemes available, but you might want to consider the undec version and a set of the GATX decals available for it. There were many more tank cars lettered GATX, SHPX, or UTLX than the brightly colored ones. Kadees & metal wheels are standard equipment. Downsides? None really, unless you're overly thrifty. These things aren't cheap at $44.95 a copy, and they might outshine your blue box models. I find them worth very penny. Hate RTR? Want to build it? No problem! An Undec kit is available for $37.95. I like this company and would definitely recommend their products