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Thread: Small HO Track plan Switching Layout suggestions needed

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    I am by nature an o scaler but I am moving at the end of the year so I don't want to start on anything in o. I do however want to build a small ho scale layout. I was thinking along the lines of 2x4 to maybe 2x8 at the largest. I don't want a loop, I was thinking more of a small point to point like an industry with alot of switching, maybe even a railroad yard with a turntable. Whatever it may be I want to have a couple fo switching areas where it would be a challenge to move the cars around in the least moves possible. I also would like to have a number of trains moving at the same time, I plan on going dcc with a toggle switch option for dc. Any ideas or links that you could provide would really be apreciated. Another point that I wanted was a track that could be extended to add on to the layout in the future, something like a mainline option. I am lost when it comes to ho scale as I don't have a clue as to what resources are out there. Thank you.

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    I had a layout like you speak of....I had a dock/barge that I used to bring cars on and off the layout....bring on full, take off empties and visa-versa....Here is a small idea
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  3. Default Small HO Track plan Switching Layout suggestions needed

    Here are some links to groups and forums that specialize in small layouts...the first 2 you'll have to register to get the full benefits...the 3rd one you don't have to, the 3rd also has some O and S scale small trackplans and layouts....if nothing else you'll enjoy all 3 links...Cheers

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    Here's a site ( with some nice ideas for shelf sized switching layouts. A yard with a turntable is not possible even with a 2x8 but you can have a small yard operation with a lot of industrial switching in a 2x8 area. It would be easy to expand any of these layouts if you come into more space.
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    Those are some interesting ideas, I guess I have alot to consider. Maybe I should go with an industry rather than a rail yard.

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    If you are looking for a small switching layout - try this which will keep you fairly busy (please ignore the "buildings!" It is based on an Nscale layout by Mike Fischer


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    Could you find a diagram for the "time-saver" switching layout? It would be similar to Shortline's sketch.

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    I've never been a great fan of John Allen's Time Saver switching layout but you'll find everything you want to know about it at
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