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Thread: Rock Island Lines Silvis shops

  1. Default Rock Island Lines Silvis shops

    I am looking for more pictures inside and out of the silvis shops any era.

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    Welcome to the forum, HOBO. I did an advanced google search for "railroad shops, Silvis, IL" and turned up several links with pics of the shops, inside and out. Here's one of the yard from the tower

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    Thanks Attaboy nice pics. I am modeling a railroad shop I am also looking for pics of the transfer table, and the ramp area of the shop.

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    I will show the pics I have as I find them. This is a picture behind the main shop. this place is now a locomotive junk yard and rebuilds old engines.

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    hey hobo$$, do you have anykind of contacts at the nre facility thats now there? trying to find some info on 3 loco's that reportedly had nrex markings on them.

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    No, not really Maybe a phone number since we have worked for them in the past and one guy who restores collectable cars in the main shop for the owner. Nrex is also used around here sometimes by BNSF I heard they were leased units.

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    Hey HOBO$$ really cool pix in that last one THANK YOU for sharing.
    Rock on Rock Island

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    This is a pic of the original Railroad shop in Rock Island

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    Looked like a pretty busy place !!!

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    Pic of the ramp at Silvis

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