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Thread: How to Make Trees and Shrubs

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    Default First attempt:How to

    How to make shrubs
    I am aware of the fact that this may be the 20st version of how to make shrubs.I'll start with this item because I can do some experiences for the "bigger"item:How to make pine/decudious trees.

    Ingrdients:Fibres from filters they use in gardenpondequipments to clean/clear up the water. Here in my country you have/can buy 3 sorts:rough-semi rough and fine fibre
    super glue( glues in seconds, sometimes not
    wire 0.4 mmdiameter.You can buy this "wire" at flowershops
    spraycan or airbrush
    spraycan with glue in it(do not know the right word)
    leaves"woodland ,heki ,noch, selfmade from sawdust(I did/do)
    a scissor(old but sharp one)

    Take/pull a small part of the fibres out of the package.Twist the fibers in the midlle between your fingers, Take a wire(0.4mm diam.)and twiddl it tight in the middle of the "bunch"of fibres. Than add 2 or 3 drops superglue on the twiddled wire and let dry for more than some seconds!!
    After drying cut it in the middle and you've got 2 shrubs, still not in good shape but that is why we've got the scissor!!
    Cut the bunch fibres in the shape you like and color them with a "basic"color from a canspray or airbrush and finally add the leaves. Here we are, I think, at apoint that finishing the shrub is a matter of taste.I mean the leaves and color of it....Transparant/semi transparant and so on
    The" leaves"can be "placed"with cansprayglue. Please do not use to much, less is better than....
    The finishing touch is to spray your shrub with matte medium. I'll use the ones in a cannspray.
    I add some pictures how i make the shrubs
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    Default pictures of shrubs

    Here are some more pics from how I (With the knowledge and help from many other modelrailroaders .) make shrubs.
    For my N scale shrubs I use steelwool,(first picture) the stuff you need to clean the pans when someone( =o ) cooked the potatos for too long!!
    Only important thing by using this steelwool is that you have to preserve it from oxidation. so spray the small bushes/shrubs with something that stops oxidation.
    In one evening you can make over more than 50 shrubs!=)
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    Nice work Grove Den
    Happy being a Firefighter

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    Now I am making a small diorama to" put on"the shrubs/bushes, so you can see the effect of it with 2 small people in HOscale. Hope the macropictures will not fail. I shall post them( maybe) tomorrow.
    I am also trying to make a firtree in O scale. In HO scale it would be a giant fir tree=)at that size they do exist!!!

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    Default O scale tree

    Here my first attempts...

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    Thank you, Steve.
    I visited your website...asspecially the pictures on:Mainline! they are great and -very-British- The last picture is the best.......with,of course, also many trees on it.

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    Default (very)small diorama

    as promised, here it is the "shrubdiorama"
    Figures are inHOscale (20mm)
    "Landrover: toy from my son...
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    Nice work, they do look very realistic, love the fir tree
    Happy being a Firefighter

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    Default cheap tree

    Hello Steve,
    It's a low budget tree from about 50 cm high. Made of artificial branches from the Asparagus(sparrow grass in my dutc/english dict.) I bought 2 branches = 2 Euro's each(2 US dollars) and pulled off the leaves and sticked them on a wooden dowel covered with sawdust and "glue for joining wood" For the large branches I twist a wire around the branch, like the way you shape branches with bonsaitrees. So you can bend them easily in the right shape!
    After that I sprinkle some Woodland turf :"dark green over the branches"wich I glued with aerosolglue. At the end I use again the aerosol paint to color the trunk and the "backside of the "fir"branches,totally costs:5 Us dollars and some time (1hour)..... to make a bigHO or regular O scale firtree
    The picture I add you can see the tree from the bottom
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    Neat idea with the Asparagus leaveswill have to try that one

    Model City & Buffalo RailLine Always On Time!!!

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