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Thread: Need a structure that can function as a small printing business

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    Quote Originally Posted by santafewillie View Post
    Johnny - Here's a structure from DPM that I have that I am going to use as a small printing company. Note that decals do not come with it so it can be used as anything you want. Oh, DPM is now owned by Woodland Scenics.
    You asked about the quality...I like the kits, I have over thirty of them, plus quite a few scratchbuilt structures made from their modular walls. Quality is good. All of the walls are a lot thicker than Walther's so there is no warpage or bowing. The kits are all unique as well. Some of the larger "Gold Kits" like Whitewater Brewing or Drywell Inks can be made larger with the addition of some of their modular walls. I have duplicates (intentional) of several as I have different paint schemes and views on different areas of the layout and most people cannot tell that they are the same structure. All are reasonably priced in my opinion. By the way, many of the "Gold Kits" have droves of white metal casting detail parts, that can be used elsewhere if you want.
    Regarding the Blair Line signs. Yes lots of them and they are also good quality. They are printed on styrene instead of paper. The only problem, if you consider it a problem, is that there are 25+ signs in each pack and you may not need so many. I also have many of their structures that I like very much.
    Bar Mills is another fine manufacturer of HO products. Most all of their kits are what I would refer to as "niche" kits. I use many of them in the more rural parts of my layout. My most recent build of one of their kits was "Jack's Back Yard", which I posted pictures of over in the Coffee Shop last month or so.
    Many of the Blair Line and Bar Mills kits take some patience but turn out very nicely.

    Check out all of their websites and then check your LHS or MB Klein to see if you can score a discount.

    Willie - Thanks for that detailed note. The City Cab building has possibilities. In addition, I've already found about four other DPM structures that would work well, too. All this info is really helpful to this relative newby. I'm rearranging some of the existing industries and shops on the layout, giving me room for more structures. The local MRR club is hosting its 40th annual train show in two weeks, and I'm hoping to find some structures on the cheap. Need some more freight cars, too. What I don't find at the train show I'll be ordering from the online stores (or buying at the LHS if they are halfway reasonably-priced). Thanks again.

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    I'll second Willie's comments on DPM kits. There overall quality is good, with the Gold Line kits being very good. The reason I say this is because the basic kits are just that - basic (4 walls, a roof, and maybe a chimney). But that, in and of itself, is not a bad thing. They make nice buildings on their own and a great platform for detailing.

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    For some simple and very flexible kits, try

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    Another good one might be Cutting's Scissors:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Railrunner130 View Post
    For some simple and very flexible kits, try
    Railrunner - I checked out their website - some nice looking structures. A bit on the pricey side, but there are some that interest me. I may try one. Thanks for the info.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John P View Post
    Another good one might be Cutting's Scissors:
    John - Yes, the Cuttings structure is one of the DPM structures I've looked at - it would fit the bill for my layout. Thanks for the recommendation.

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