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Thread: Running Bear's LXXIII Coffee Shop

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    Garry: Kalmbach has a forum, can you post the address/link I;d like to take a look at it, thanksI think

    I have come up with a solution to the fall back and spring forward thing. Saw folks complaining how awful and unjust (like everything else is today) and a hardships the time shift iscausing.If I were king this coming October I'd fall back 30 min and leave it at that, problem solved.


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    Joe. ... I did not think of you as in trouble. The MR Forum has lost good participants directly or indirectly because of the stricter rules and closer moderation. That said, I understand Kalmbach must protect its image, and that explains their policies. ...

    I met Jeff Runnig Bear in the MR Forum. When he was about to enter the hospital for an amputation, I asked him if he would like for me to join all of his forums so I could relay information about his situation from my talking with his father on the phone for updates. He was in several forums. . For a while I was in each of those. I liked this forum and stayed with it. Thankfully guys here have not asked me to leave because I like it here because I like each of you. I’m still a regular in the MR Forum with a different screen name.

    Perhaps some day I should honor Jeff by Kit-bashing my own “Franken-Diesel”. LOL

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    Or ...

    Go to bottom of page and click on “community”

    Then scroll to “general discussion” or one of the other choices , and click on it

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    My new score. Been wanting one of these. There is one just like this that stands in the town my mother lives in. Positioned just up the rails to the east of the depot. I got this for a lot less than they normally sell for. In all honesty I forgot all about it! That is until I got the notification I won.


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    Good Morning All. 37° and mostly cloudy to start the day. Mostly uneventful day yesterday as I spent over an hour mowing, interspersed with some tree pruning. Today is branch relocation for firewood prep for next winter. Had to irrigate the garden as it hasn't rained since the 8" week over two weeks ago.Grilled some turkey burgers for supper last night, tonight it's pork chops.
    Out in the train shed, I only did a small area of ground cover, since it was at the front and I know better than to lean over it! While taking a break from running trains, I dug out a Bar Mills kit designed for beginners that's been on the shelf, H J Simpson Feed & Seed.
    It may or may not be included it in the area to the right of the scene that I am currently working on: I have another similar structure that I could use instead.
    Here's the parts laid out on the workbench.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	03-12-18 018.JPG 
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Size:	637.3 KB 
ID:	65654

    Justin - I like that little church. I have the same church and didn't do anything different except attach it to it's base. Here's an old photo taken about 2.5 years ago.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	06-18-15 163.001.JPG 
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    4" of snow closing schools? Even here they don't do that. Your district must have had a "snow day" to use up!
    Joe - It still scares me regarding the cost of these implants which I had to pay cash insurance barely paid 10%.
    Greg - I used that liquid window glazing many years ago, but I found that Elmer's White Glue or Aleene's Tacky Glue performed just as well, for a fraction of the cost.
    Johnny - See Terry's post regarding application of liquid glazing. If you mess up, just wipe it off and practice some more.
    Chet - Of all of the large metro areas in Texas, San Antonio has probably only the third worst traffic behind Austin and Houston. No comfort for your wife though. The scene that you proposed there with the blacksmith shop and trailer looks to be a good fit with the rest of your layout.
    Curt - I was more contemplating what to do with that small area that I pictured. I actually already have two dedicated graveyards on the layout, one is on the upper level next to the church pictured above and the other is a dedicated cemetery on the lower level. Neither is scenicked yet. Speaking of window glass, I have had success with cutting up the clear packaging from Atlas switches.

    Regarding Eric on my layout, I am going with "Big E Beer & Spirits". I started designing a sign in Excel earlier this morning but it's not ready yet.

    Everybody have a great day.


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    Made a little discovery tonight when doing some sorting of bits and whatnot. I had some Walthers Freight truck frames from their Ready to Run line (metal wheels on plastic axles and points) that the wheelsets were missing from. Also had some Bachmann Silver sets (complete) that for some reason I had saved before disposing of the box cars that no-one would buy. I had tried to fit the wheelsets to some bluebox cars I have, but they were too short for the bluebox and the bolsters were too big in the pivot hole. These have both metal wheels and axles, 1 wheel insulated. I tried them in the Walthers trucks and they are a perfect fit.

    I'm lost. I've gone to look for me. If I should return before I get back, please ask me to wait.

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    Good morning folks. To dark to see if there are clouds . 45* now, may hit 65* later. Need more coffee. One cup not 'nuff.
    Wish all a GREAT day.

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    Good morning everyone. 27 and mostly clear, heading for 50 this afternoon. The good news is there's only two more nights forecast to be below freezing, and the temps hit the upper 60s to 70s by this weekend. Hit me with a big cup of coffee, Flo, and a chocolate doughnut.

    Curt - Thanks for the info on glassing windows. I like the tribute terminal to Eric.
    Terry, Greg, Willie - Thanks for the tips on using the glassing liquid and Elmer's glue - this hobby's getting weirder by the day
    Chet - nice photos of your layout where the blacksmith shop is
    Justin - nice score on that coaling tower.

    In the train room, continues rearranging industry and shop structures - I'm liking the rearrangement much better. Put some paper cutouts in different places to see how new structures will fit.

    Have a good day everyone.

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    Good morning fellers. When it comes to the schools closing over 4" of snow. There wasn't much in the way of preparation. Interstate 77 South was closed for some time. And of course all the back roads around aren't maintained at all. Not to mention the last snow fall we had the kids went to school like normal. Let them out early because of the weather. They got a lot of backlash from parents. Like I said I was surprised. At about 1 pm yesterday you couldn't tell it had even snowed at all! It all melted.

    Willie I only use bases as a template for my walls. After which I usually discard them. The first one I built I glued it to it's base. I didn't like the look so I haven't used the base since.

    I don't exactly have a spot for my new coaling tower. I'm not sure if they were even ever on a branchline. It'll most likely go on the shelf until I have space available.


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    Good morning, y'all. 32° and snowing.

    Willie: The only time dental insurance has any value is when you're paying the premium. Otherwise, the benefit is hit or miss. Most dental plans, for instance limit their annual benefit to $1000 or $1500 / beneficiary / year. Most cover cleaning, exam and x rays at 100%, but most practices charge $80 cash to lure new patients. Restorations are paid at 80% of Network, and major work, Crowns, dentures, etc. at 50%. of network up to the annual limit. Did I mention the deductible? Some plans, don't even cover implants...So if you want "quality" dental work, you need to shell out of pocket.

    The best dentist I ever had is currently in prison. His work was impeccable and he didn't rob ya either. However he had hidden video cameras in the women's rest room...and was caught...

    Garry: Kalmbach does have a right and obligation to protect their image, but they are so heavy handed in their moderation, that I feel uncomfortable posting there, even though what I would contribute isn't controversial. I suppose in the end, it always comes down to where one is most comfortable, which is why I prefer this forum to others.

    Justin: Great deal on the coaling tower. It's purrfect, (as in Chessie the Cat), for your layout.
    No Whimpering!

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