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Thread: Do you keep ll your locomotives and rolling stock ON your layout?

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    Default Do you keep ll your locomotives and rolling stock ON your layout?

    Hi all,

    Do you keep all tour models on your layout? If not where do you store them?

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    On my last layout I had as much motive power and rolling stock on my layout as I could fit. When not on my layout my stuff is stored in their original boxes for storage.


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    Yes, except that rolling stock which has been moved to storage.
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    I don't have room for everything on the layout right now, so excess stuff goes on a four track shelf above one of the staging yards. I do rotate it in and out on a regular basis. I am planning a third staging yard in the near future that will hopefully resolve this issue, but I may still keep the storage shelf so that I can buy more equipment!


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    I do keep all rolling stock and locomotives on my layout with the exception of a few brass locomotives that are too long for my turntables. With the use of hidden staging tracks, everything is on the layout, but I am slowly running out of room.
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    I park em all on the rails when not rolling em. I was worried about parking locos on "hot" track but I have had no problems. Even when an accident shorts the system the ones parked do not seem to be affected. DCC/NCE.
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    I have a rather small layout and I have way too many pieces of rolling stock and locomotives. I collect ore cars and have at last count 300+ cars. Many are waiting weathering, loads, metal wheels and KD couplers. I run ore trains which are limited to 13 or 14 cars. Strings of ore cars do like nice on sidings.

    In the past I used purchase all engine numbers of locomotives I wanted on the layout. If a DC locomotive, I also purchased decoders for installation. I would venture that over 50% of locomotives have never left their original boxes. 50%+ of my locomotives are sound equipped.

    I collected some locomotives of limited runs of seldom heard of railroads.

    As for rolling stock, I have again too many pieces and most are in their boxes. As an example, I have a collection of KD's box cars and they run only when a do a period train. I do run some of my favorite road names and they stay on the layout.

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    I have more locomotives than I can store on my track system, even with a RIP track, under-ground staging, and a roundhouse. I keep the unused ones in their original packaging, but in the same room as the layout because I control the climate in that room. No mold, no dry cracking wood, no track kinks or buckling, no solders pulled apart. And when I go to lift the locomotives from their cartons and surrounding rubberized foam, they come out cleanly.

    It's a little like Christmas morning after not having used a particular locomotive for a year or two when I open the box, and there is another gotta-have favourite beaming up at me.

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    As I do not have a layout, all the locos and cars live in storage boxes. A few of them get to come out to play on modulars or the the museum layout from time to time.

    I would have to eventually have a very large layout if all (either locos or cars) were to be stored on it, so I doubt they ever will.
    I might be able to get all the passenger cars on if I would build a scale (not selectively compressed) of some large Union Station. St. Louis Union Station would probably have some room to spare.
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    I usually have 15 or so locos on the tracks along with 300 - 400 pieces of rolling stock. I keep another 30 or so locos on open display shelves in the basement and the remaining 200 or so in the display cabinets upstairs.
    Rolling stock that isn't on the rails will be in tubs on shelves under the stairway.
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