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That is not enough. I thought that I had enough at 80+, but bought four more last month!
Must be "add to your roster" month. I bought 4 Athearn rubber band drives at the swap meet, Hit a hot sale at Model Train Stuff and picked up two SD-45s, saw that BLI did a 2nd run of the EMC E1s so I grabbed one of those, stumbled across a clearance of the Walther's E8 sets for the Capital Limited so I grabbed that. And tonight I am still planning ordering another GG1, in the green single stripe paint scheme that I don't have in my collection, from Trainworld (they are on clearance). I guess that is 5, 8, 9, or 10 depending on how one counts old collectables what will never be on the active roster and whether AB sets are one loco or two.