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Thread: Attn: Admins—malware attack by "myfilestore"

  1. Default Attn: Admins—malware attack by "myfilestore"

    Not sure if you're aware, but another member is experiencing a re-direct, possibly in the forum's messaging system, to a known malware site: "myfilestore [dot] com." See this post here.

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    I have also received this re-direct, from google search engine. Additionally, I have been receiving pop ups saying that I won an Amazon gift card when accessing this site through subscribed threads.

    I sent a message to the forum admins on this topic, just now. Hopefully there is something that can be done.
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    I'd say you have picked up a virus somewhere but not here. There is a very good reason you do not see a lot of invasive Pop ups redirects and links to advertisers and porn on this site because they get trapped in the filters (I know because I'm one of the critters who delete them)
    This site is extremely well protected, there are no pop ups, only banner ads which are above or below the posting areas. They pay for the site so that you don't have to. The protection from virus, pop ups etc, is second to none. Seems rather strange for a complaint since the last one was almost 2 years ago. I run Malware-bytes; and Avast antivirus with a Firefox browser and have never received a warning or redirect from this site.

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    Actually, the last issue with these forums was less than a year ago - remember, the "suspicious site warnings" we all got when trying to log in...

    No matter what is said, no site is infallible - none. Here's a fact to consider, before a virus or malware or spyware can be identified, it has to exist first. Anti Virus's and the like can only react to a virus etc AFTER it has been identified. As such MOST viruses, malware and spyware has been around the internet for some period of time BEFORE it can be identified and safe guards put in place to stop it/them.

    Anti Virus's are "Reactive" NOT "Proactive".

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    I'm far from being a computer geek, so take this for what its worth.
    I'm running Win 7 that I keep pretty clean by running antivirus often.

    I use mostly Firefox, and I have noticed some problems when connecting to this site that I believe are some sort of 'compatibility problem' between Firefox and this site. I believe I saw this mentioned by someone else? Is there some sort of 'security issue' that Firefox is demanding, and not being supplied by this site?

    There are times when it takes forever to connect, and there are times right in the middle of my posting that I get a faded-whitesh screen, and the page I'm working on is locked in place,....can't continue with posting, nor exit the page. After some EXTENTED time I am finally allowed to go back to the posting, or I am switch over to a previous page on this site i had been working on ???

    I also experienced that 'myfilestore' hiccup a few times after the beginning of the new year, but it has gone away now. I thought it was just one of those numerous malwares that seem to come along with holidays and new years, etc
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    I am not at all TECH savey, but I use 'Chrome' with 'Webroot' (thru my Geek Service) and I have not had any issues on the website.
    I commend BOB and WILLIS both for providing an excellent forum.

    Although possibly correct with many of your points, Tony ... for what it's worth ... I think you were a bit "brash" with your comeback towards Willis?
    I am starting to think I will never be old enough to know better!

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    I’ve now started to get the Amazon pop-up when using this site. The last couple of days it has become fairly regular. It has never happened on my home PC, only my IPhone.

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    Nothing out of the ordinary for me. I run Win 10 with Kaspersky 360. I also run CryptoPrevent in the background to prevent cyber attacks of the lock-file type.

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    Quote Originally Posted by migalyto View Post
    I’ve now started to get the Amazon pop-up when using this site. The last couple of days it has become fairly regular. It has never happened on my home PC, only my IPhone.
    I also only get the Amazon pop up on my Iphone. Also how do you upload photos from Iphone. I attempted to upload a screenshot, but the forum software would not allow me to upload the photo.

    The myfilestore re-direct happens only infrequently, and only on this website.

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    My ISP (Earthlink) occasionally sends me to places I don't want to go. We've managed to verify it's them, and not a virus or other malware. They also block some sites, such as office depot's, for reasons known only to them.
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