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Thread: Running Bear's Coffee Shop LXXI

  1. Default Running Bear's Coffee Shop LXXI

    Terry must have stepped away, so I'll open the new place for him. Don't spill the eggnog!
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    Good Morning Folks. Merry Christmas Eve. 35° and cloudy in these parts. High expected to be in the upper 40's for today and tomorrow. Mid 20's tonight, back above freezing (barely) for the rest of the week. Spent the better part of the day yesterday at my sisters house with 35 or so other siblings/offspring/relatives for cocktails and our Christmas gift exchange. This is a departure from, our old tradition of gathering on Christmas day for a full blown sit-down dinner. It had become too unwieldy with nearly 50 people some years. I knew that it would happen eventually, sadly. I will miss being the one in charge of carving that 24 pound turkey every year, which was not even enough the last couple of gatherings.
    Nothing in the train shed yesterday. I did receive an animated "Jesus Saves" sign made by Miller Engineering Given to me by my "O" scale Lionel brother. But in keeping with this month's theme of CRS, I did leave it at my sisters. I'll be returning to Dallas tomorrow for Christmas with my grandkids so I can pick it up then.

    Garry - Good point regarding the eye protection. As a member of our Safety Team when I used to work, I should have remembered to point that out. Thanks for the construction progress pictures. By the way, I love the track caddy...I would copy it, but I no longer have a need for one.
    Sherrel - Nothing like procrastination with the Christmas lights; December 23!!! Really!
    Paul - Ditto what Garry posted regarding Medicare. That is not in the tax bill at all. It probably won't happen until after 2020 and would not affect anyone already on it. They do need to resolve the underfunding that successive Congresses have allowed over the years.
    Joe - Try to get by Watertown's top tourist attraction, the "Burrville Cider Mill". Regarding the tax bill, you're right about waiting to spend the savings since you live in NJ. If you don't itemize, there will be a savings though.
    Chet - Glad to note that it is you with the snow and not me. I know that you love it up there in Montana, but like I have repeatedly said, I never have to shovel heat from my driveway.
    Eric - The strength and endurance will slowly return.

    Everybody have a great Christmas Eve today, and a very Merry Christmas tomorrow. Remember the reason that we celebrate this holiday.


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    Good morning gang
    NCE über alles!!!
    Oh, let's see what this button on Decoder Pro does!

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    VERY CHRISTMAS to the fine and gentle folks (unless roused of course) here on the finest forum, aka, "these hallowed pages"!

    Rest well gentlemen and be merry as there is work to do this season!

    Despite the best efforts of the worst among us spirits are rising, lifting all boats!

    BLESSINGS and LOVE to ALL that you LOVE. Hope Santa is good to you!

    "I'm not building a layout per-se, I'm just playing with trains all-day!"

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    Nice opening there, Willie! AND -- I got them up with a day to spare!

    Starting the day at 34 degrees going up tp 75 they say. A few wisps of very high clouds, but no moisture predicted.

    A few last minute things to do today. Like I said before - I have no idea where this month has gone ... much less the year.

    I hope everyone has a very nice and Merry Christmas!
    I am starting to think I will never be old enough to know better!

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    Merry Christmas guys: 24 and mostly cloudy, with more snow coming. FWIW, the local firehouse, on Hwy.11, is the "North Pole Fire Co, #1. Wonder if the Chief is named Nick?

    Willie: That establishment is on our list for next time. Lot of nice things around here. We will be returning home, on Boxing Day, unless we get showed in. Actually, I didn't realize I had a Canadian station on the truck radio, until I heard a commercial for the Boxing Day sales.

    Hockey is done until Tuesday, so I have no distractions.
    I survived the Penn Central

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    Hmmmm..... Haven't heard from Chet today? With those negative temps he has - Maybe his feet are frozen to the driveway?

    This is pretty good reading for those concerned over the new tax bill.
    I am starting to think I will never be old enough to know better!

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    Good Afternoon All and a very Merry X-mas Eve....

    Light snow and cold here in Wisconsin...a white Christmas.

    The layout is ready for visitors and I hope all goes well. Two main line trains running and no switching. Two sound locomotives, an ALCO and a GP-9. Keep it simple.

    Lots of food, drinks and some presents...have first time guests from Toronto, Canada...glad I have a "Visit Canada" bill board on the layout! No CP or CN rail to be found.

    Get ready in 30 minutes, start the fireplace and mix a drink for myself.

    That's all for now.

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    Transporters of Wood, Coal, Ore and Anything Else

    Est. 1983

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    Where the SOO, Milwaukee Road, C&NW and Wisconsin Central Meet

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    Sherrel: I heard Chet is out building snowmen and snow women.


    Transporters of Wood, Coal, Ore and Anything Else

    Est. 1983

    HO Scale

    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Where the SOO, Milwaukee Road, C&NW and Wisconsin Central Meet

    Charter Member of the Fallen Flags Model Railroad Club

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    I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas or whatever you celebrate and a prosperous New Year.
    Curt Webb
    The Late Great Pennsylvania Railroad
    PRR Bellevue Subdivision

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