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Thread: quick disconnect.

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    Something like these might do

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    Thanks Toot. they very well might. what are they called? Although after working on my doors a little bit, I may not need them, It still be good incase i go that route. I may mount the lights to the stand. and have them shine down into the shadow box. to create the glow. if that doesn't work then I will go with this. thank you everyone for the help. sorry for it not being forum related.

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    After rereading your original post and seeing the comments, what you are looking for is a "magnetic switch". That way, unlike some of the other options, there would be no exposed contacts. Even though its only 12 vdc, it can still bite or cause problems for the power supply.

    Here's just 1 example:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Also look at

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    Wow that actually is waht I need. And from reading the comments on it, Others have used it for LEd strips. so thanks for that.

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