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Thread: Running Bear's Coffee Shop LXX

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    Eric, I guess you are finding out who your friends really are.

    Chet, I was hoping you were wrong about the vehicle tracking, but it appears you were not.
    You're never too old to do something stupid.


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    Good Cold evening from the Central Calif foothills,

    Hi Flo, Francine, Seems like a lively group tonight here at Jeffrey Running Bears' Dinner.
    I like coffee of course and I have a hankering for a bowl of chili beans with ground beef, Colby & Jack Cheese and Rice. Can you handle that ok? Hey great.

    It's been quite cold here due to all the moisture. It was 30 this morning and quite cold tonight. I've got to get the fire going better as the last chunk of Oak, a small tree base doesn't seem to want to burn by itself. Excuse me for a few minutes. Ok, it now 8:50 Pm, I tried to call my grey tabby cat but he doesn't seem to be around.
    I placed another hunk of dry Oak under the half round shell and the fire almost immediately took off producing some heat.

    The back porch was 44F, so the outside temp must be about 34F. My place is colder than the reporting station.
    Lets check Weather Underground: 44F Wells rd Station Report
    8:55 PM PST on December 6, 2017 (GMT -0800) | Updated a few seconds ago
    --F | 37F
    44 F - Feels like 43F & Clear;
    Winds are from the NNE at 0.00 mph;
    Humidity is at 64%;
    Tomorrow is forecast to be nearly the same temperature as today.

    Earlier I brought in about a dozen hunks of Oak for a supply of Oak to burn. I just about have all the extra wood I didn't get stacked burned up, just working on the small stuff now for the most part. That just saves me the extra work.

    I went yesterday to the Chiropractor doctor for an adjustment and what a difference, last night was the first night in a long time I was able to get some continued sleep in my bed which I had pre-warmed up earlier, before being awoken by needing to take a pee around 7:30 Am and then crawled back into bed and slept till 1:30 Pm. It sure felt great! I'm moving around a lot more freely and beginning to feel like I should again.

    Quote Originally Posted by PRR Modeler View Post
    Afternoon All,

    Not much happening this way. I did repair a gutter (ABS) that my grandsons decided to break 2 times by throwing a basketball at it. I guess the first break wasn't enough. Still waiting on parts for my project.

    Sherrel/CA Dave- I hope you both are safe from the new fires. They look very bad.

    I hope everyone has a good night.

    Curt: The fires in Calif, which I had to look up to find their locations are in two different locations. One is North of Sherrel's Temecula location by about 25 to 30 miles, I believe, and probably not affetcing him? The other fire is in the Ventura area, which is near the Pacific ocean and North of Sherrel by about 150 miles and South and West of me by at least that far so it doesn't affected either of us at all.

    Quote Originally Posted by Raincoat2 View Post
    Talking about Good Humor trucks and ice cream in general - - growing up on Long Island my grandfather owned a mom-n-pop grocery store, and me being his favorite grandchild he let me get anything i wanted. I can remember chowing down on Twinkies, Hostess Cupcakes, penny candy, sodas, and, of course, ice cream - ice cream sandwiches, cones, cups, popsicles, you name it. So while my parents wouldn't buy Good Humor every evening the truck went by, I was still getting my belly full of ice cream at grandpa's store. Of course, I have paid the price for all that sugar all those years - I have hardly any real teeth left in my mouth now.

    Johnny: Interesting you should mention Long Island, as Mineola is where I was born but the folks came west when I was 9 months old and I've grown up out here.

    Say Justin: I intended to mention about soldering a jumper wire across the rail joints to allow for expansion which would require you to leave a bit of a U shape to it so the rails could move back and forth in at least a few of the joiners, usually about every 3 or 4 but was thinking about keeping the wireing above the table to make it simpler for you but then you'd have U shaped wire soldered every so often which might look unsightly. The way I do it is to drill holes down through the road bed, sub road bed and then through the sub road bed OSB board and route the U shaped connecting jumpers down and back up to the other rails. This only leaves rail snakes every so often to contend with and usually some rust paint make them disappear.

    It's also a good thing to use a fairly abrasive eraser or wire brush to clean the rail sides good before soldering as well as pre tinning the ends of your stranded wire before attempting to pa them through the holes down or up for easy routing as stranded wire tends to get caught on everything otherwise. Solid wire is probably a bit easier to work with but requires more precie bending to lay over on the rail base for soldering.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bruette View Post
    David, forgive me for taking so long to reply. I saw your post, but have not had time to reply, until now.

    I will be settling on the house on December 11th. Moving is probably the worst thing I can think of doing, but it has it's upside. Once I am settled in I will have more room for trains! My wife and I both love the house, yard and the area it is in. It's only 2 blocks south of here.

    You hit the nail on the head! My inventory compressed everything into a few pages, completely fooling me as to how much I really have.

    Say Louis: No excuses man! Just because your busier than a one armed Wall Paper hanger with the Hives trying to get everything settled in with the purchase of your new home and getting things packed up and ready to move there must have been a few seconds of free time! LoL Hey, No problem, thanks for being concerned but under the circumstances it understandable. Moving while enjoyable, especially when you'll have more space it's still very time consuming to say the least on top of the fact your also trying to run your delivery business. I'm having a hell of a job trying to find where to start to clean my place up from all the clutter from the past 10 years and I'm not making much head way. Maybe now that I'm starting to feel better.

    Hope all have a very good day tomorrow.
    'C & S West, Short-Line RR,' Under Construction, is a 10'x21' Folded Dog Bone, Hand Laid track & switches,
    in weathered code 70 & 55 Rail Craft Rail. A turn of the Century theme, from about 1885 to 1910 HO/HOn3 RR, loosely modeling D&RGW, RGS & C&S, the logging line closely tied to the Sierra's in Ca.
    Visit my new Website at:

    You can also email me at: or call my cell-phone 559-676-3736 always glad to help.

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    yeah Terry....... and apparently he isn't one.... anymore

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    I wasn't talking about Chet btw... he is a good dog.

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    Good morning.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

Name:	USS_Nevada_passing_seaplane_ramp_prior_to_first_grounding_NARA_80-G-32894.jpg 
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    You're never too old to do something stupid.


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    Good Pearl Harbor Day Morning All. 37 and partly cloudy here. The freeze forecast for last night didn't happen, yet. For tonight they're predicting 21. Full agenda for today, grocery/beer trek, Home Depot visit, Hobby Lobby visit and possible Christmas shopping. Later after I get home, it's double-checking the winterization of the pool and outdoor plumbing which all should be ready, just checking. Expecting 20-25 mph winds from the north to begin around 8:00 am.
    Making progress in the train shed. Yesterday I painted several feet of track that borders on the next section of the small town shopping district. It's across the road from where I have been working. First picture is an overall view of the area that I will be tackling, the second is an aerial view of what I have been working on, albeit not quite completed. Third picture is a different angle.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	12-07-16 003.JPG 
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Name:	12-07-16 001.JPG 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	12-07-16 004.JPG 
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    Today is a milestone of sorts, it marks the third year anniversary of rehab from buying freight cars. Now engines on the other hand...

    Justin - The wire bridge is used by the real railroads for some kind of track continuity circuit, I believe that is what it is called. They use them to bridge gaps in the rail.
    Eric - Repeating what Garry posted, you have friends here. Stay strong.
    Ken (D&J) - Thanks for the information. I'll probably pass on them since I don't have any more room anyway.
    David - Glad to read that the fires are staying away from your area, for now. I am also glad to note that you are feeling better after the chiropractor visit. I can relate to the daunting task of cleaning up around the place. I put many things off years ago saying to myself "I'll have time when I retire"! Well guess what?

    Everybody have a great day and "Remember Pearl Harbor".


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    Good morning everyone. 25 and clear here, getting up to 31 today. No hope now - Canada's left all the doors and windows open. Say, Francine, just drop off that whole pot of coffee right here at my table, would ya? And how about a small tray of doughnuts, o, say, half a dozen. That'll take care of me for a while.

    David - I had relatives in or near Mineola - don't remember exactly 'cause we rarely visited them - I was born and raised out in Islip, about half way out on Long Island.
    Willie - those are nice photos - you sure do nice work.

    In the train room, I finished installing the window "glass" in all the MR-V windows. Over the weekend I'll glue the walls together and work on some of the details. Got an MBKlein order supposed to be delivered today - woo-hoo - - Christmas comes a few weeks early!! Getting a new loco - I'll take a photo and post it.

    The other day when we were in the LHS, my wife saw some HO scale structures they're selling (part of someone's defunct layout), and she asked if I wanted any. They're all $5, $10, $15, so a good deal, although some need a little fix-up work. I've bought several of them before, but I stupidly said I didn't need anything. She pointed out a couple of things and said if I had needed them she was going to buy them for me for Christmas. I could have kicked myself - Never, never turn down a free model railroad item!! I actually could use those things in a small village I want to add next year, so I'll let her know she could still buy those items if she'd like.

    Have a good day everyone.
    Johnny (aka "Raincoat2")
    The New York Central still runs!

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    Willie - meant to ask this about your photos - you're in HO scale, right? Anyway, do you have parking lanes on both sides of the roads in addition to the traffic lanes, or are there two lanes of traffic in each direction?
    Johnny (aka "Raincoat2")
    The New York Central still runs!

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    Johnny - Technically those are two traffic lanes with parking lanes. When I represent four traffic lanes, I put broken stripes between the center stripe and the sides of the road.


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