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Thread: Running Bear's Coffee Sbop LXIX

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    TERRY - Thanks. Don't have it here at the moment, so will check, but your answer has me puzzled? This stuff won't take a nail; it almost feels/sounds like tempered Masonite or the old sheet asbestos? I got nowhere with a drill bit - strange? Maybe I didn't use enough pressure.
    Was it you that told me that my Norcold LP fridg would not work above 5000'?
    I have an RV guy I met owns Kelly's RV Service in Apple Valley who says should work 7-8000'. Anyway, he is going to check it out and put SAT TV in it - I just received the H24 receiver and will take it up to him in a couple weeks.
    I am starting to think I will never be old enough to know better!

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    Good afternoon. It's 59 and extremely windy.
    I just happened to look at my automated scam blocker on my cell phone, and there were 42 blocked calls, all from the same number, and all over the last three days. it was an 888 number, and a quick check of the number showed whose it is.


    I take back some of the bad things I said about my cell carrier and cell phone manufacturer...
    You're never too old to do something stupid.


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    Sherrel, no, I didn't tell you the Norcold fridge wouldn't work above 5000'.
    A glance at the post count shows it's time for a new coffee shop. I'll post back here in a few minutes with a link.
    You're never too old to do something stupid.


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    You're never too old to do something stupid.


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