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Thread: Running Bear's Coffee Shop LXVIII

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    Quote Originally Posted by montanan View Post
    Greg - Sounds like you may not be happy with that Kato business car. I was thinking of repainting the Northern Pacific car that I have because the colors are way off.
    Now that I have the Tru-Color paints for the Lowey paint scheme, thought I might get it done to the correct colors. Looking at your comment, I may just leave it as is and say to myself that it is just faded.
    I think that is a bad plan. It is a business car, not an abandon passenger car that has been sitting in the sun on a siding for 30 years after passenger service ended. When it was in regular service they would have never let if fade that badly. Besides it would have not faded evenly, and there would be chunks of paint falling off.

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    Hey FNG (newguy), maybe you can find something of interest in here:

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    Greg - I think you mean Dust Monkeys. Dust Bunnys are under the bed and at the back of the closet. 8-)
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    Good after noon Spike Drivers and Ballast Tampers,

    Hi Francine, Are you here all by your self today? Flo has the day off hah. How about a nice bowl of Chili with some Chedder Cheese on top.

    It's 56F going to 58F with a low tonignt of 44F;
    Feels like 56.1;

    Mostly Cloudy

    Wind West at 0.9 with Gusts 2.5 mph;
    Today is forecast to be Much Cooler than yesterday.

    I had a nice rain last night into the morning hours which yield .61 inches. I created cut and pasted a new spread sheet to keep tract of the rain fall for this season. So far I've received .63 hundredths. I also found there is still a leak over the front porch I need to fix. Which I'd be out doing but I've got some kind of cold and feel zapped of strength. There are some large puffy Cumulus clouds in the sky which might mean more rain but there is still more than enough blue sky to make a Dutchman a pair of pants so probably not unless it fills in which it seems like it's trying to do?

    I did go out into my train room, half of my garage, and ran a train a bit. It was three shorty passenger coaches and a 2-8-0 that had been parked at the end of the line for far too long and back it up till I reached the Horseshoe Meadow Station about a 20' distance. I operate slow to watch the cars and loco roll by.

    Have an enjoyable Thursday, I'm headed for a nap.
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    Ken: You're correct....Dust Monkeys!!! It must of been a malware causing typos! Need to purchase more of the critters.


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    Could it be operator error??

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    Quote Originally Posted by montanan View Post

    Those Atlas units are fantastic. probably near 20 years old and still running like new. The speeds on these locomotives are almost exactly the same. I was extremely careful to start off at barely a crawl and gradually increased the speed. There was only one coupler problem before this video when a clip holding the coupler on a blue box flat car dropped off. It was put back on and no more problems. Once the full 97 car train got going I probably let it go around the layout around 20 times before stopping it.

    The pain was getting all of the freight cars off of the main line as I had emptied out all of the yards, industries and staging tracks to build the train. Took a bit of time.
    Chet, thanks for the video. Your effort was not in vain, I enjoyed the video especially the B&O boxcar!
    Keep High Balling, Be Safe & Have Fun!
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    Thread: My 4th of July Trains - Thread: My Lionel Standard O Trains


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    Louis - got that B&O car just for you.

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    Having problems with the Imac . Still posting with iPhone. Safari will not open. Contacted Apple techical support. They now have me reinstalling Mac OS Sierra. It is now processing.

    I don't know if it pertains to the red screen virus. Did anybody inform Bob about the red screen problem?

    Ray who sometimes posts here said in the MR Diner the red screen thing is preventing him from access to this site.

    Have a good evening.

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    Good Morning Spikers!
    Temp is 64 with partly sunny - heading towards a 70 high. Yesterday was a "clean out the RV" day - still have a couple hours of work to do on that.OK, that is as far as I got yesterday before the "RED Screen" popped up and shut me down.

    I was using Chrome. Tried several times today to get on, but keep getting the same red screen, so I even tried the ASUS (same result) - tried resetting a backdated restore point which did not work either - finally I am on now using EDGE. My question now is: Do I have to move all my bookmarks? or, can I just use EDGE for this site and go back to Chrome for all my other bookmarks?

    It's considerable cooler today and has been breezy and very cloudy all day.. Sure looks as if it wants to rain? Wish it would. I need to make myself a chart such as DAVID so I can keep track of the rain .. I don't know why they don't go on a calendar year rather than October to October? for yearly rainfall.

    Now that I am on the site again ... I need to do some reading on what I have missed.

    Your comment on my BD about the Geritol cracked me up! That was funny.
    I am starting to think I will never be old enough to know better!

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