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Thread: Running Bear's Coffee Shop LXVIII

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    Good morning. 61 degrees to start the day with an expected high in the low 80's. Saw a Winter Weather Advisory for the end on the week on the Accuweather app on the phone for areas over 7,000 feet. Hope the moisture helps the fire fighters deal with all of the wild fires. Took the day off yesterday and went up flying for a while looking at some of the fires in the area. The smoke was less than it had been so figures we would take a look. We couldn't get into some areas because of the tankers dropping water and fire retardant in some areas.

    Curt - Thanks for the update on Phil. Hope you got the clean up done at home from the storm. Looks like the Keys really got slammed from what little video was available. Go Navy. Nice to see the ships off shore and the crews trying to assist the people down there. My friends are going to leave from Alabama and Kentucky and head back to south Florida. From what they have heard, all three of their homes suffered either no damage or very minor damage. From the sound of things, it may be quite a while before they can get onto the keys and check out the house.

    Johnny - I hate removing track, but in some cases operations can work better. Had to tear ot a bunch of hand laid track in one town because I didn't plan ahead, but now operations is more interesting.

    I did get a little time to go down to the train room and run the Atlas RS-1. It seems to be running like new again. The real test will come when it is run on the club layout in Livingston. Hope the weather clears out by Saturday night. Don't want to go over the pass with snow with the summer tires on the car. Doubt snything will stick on the road surfaces with the temps having been up into the 80's for so long.

    Here's a rails photo for the day.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Good morning, y'all. 64 and clear.

    The O's lost their sixth in a row, to Toronto, last night. Hard to believe they are still alive in the Wild Card race, 4.5 behind.

    Good to hear that Phil and Curt are OK.

    The AS616 is breaking in, I was able to run the loco, one car and cabin from end to end and back at a significantly lower power setting than before, without stalling.
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    Been working with the JMRI Decoder pro the last couple nights, getting all my locos logged in and tweaked. Primarily setting them so the sound only comes on when they are operated instead of when the power to the track is applied. Some other features like head lights and ditch light operation.
    I rounded up a few of the tools I need to work on the bridge. They are scattered all over the house. I'm trying to push myself to resume work on it.
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    I bought a ROKU stick last night. I would like to quit my cable TV service because the price is not justified anymore.
    The ROKU advertising doesn't mention a registration fee of $59. that ya need a credit card to pay it with. The red flags went up on that when I tried to activate the device. The Indian guy was obviously reading from a script. Once ya pay the registration fee, I'm sure there will be the never ending suggestions to buy something else too, sorta like buying Omaha steaks. I told him go forget it. I'll take the device back to wallmart where I bought it.
    In the meantime, I'm still looking for an alternative to cable TV where I can watch Fox NEWS, NCIS and some weekend sports. I don't need the all sports package that offers every game in the world, just the prime Sunday afternoon game and maybe Monday Night football. Beyond that, I'm not much of a TV viewer.
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    Ken - We have had DirecTV ever since they were available here. The prices have been steadily going up, and the added fees for HD equipment, but out here it is probably the best option. One thing I can say about them is that they probably heve the best customer servive I have seen. A few years ago, we were putting a new roof on the house and wanted the dish moved from the roof ( a pain in the butt when snow covers the dish) and relocated to the front porch. With just a days notice, they had a guy out and took care of my request. We are also with AT&T, have been sinc ethey bought out Alltel, and we also get $25 a month off from DirecTV plus free HBO. (Haven't watched it yet). Not much of a choice up here for wireless carriers. The only 2 national carriers are AT&T and Verizon.

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    HELLO ! I see Curt has already checked in. Deb and I got power back just an hour ago. First thing was to brew HOT COFFEE .No damage to home-oak tree lost three small limbs. I've spoken to SHERREL and LOUIS and of course CURT. I think he has forgiven me for overlooking his birthday.
    Small things to do on front porch-furniture goes back etc.
    Only five pages to catch up on. Prayers for all, back later.

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    Phil - Glad to see you post that all is well. Our prayers worked.


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    Phil - Great to hear from you and to know that your damage is minimal. Guess you dodged a bullet. That cup of coffee must have tasted wonderful.

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    Phil - Glad to see you post that all is well. Our prayers worked.


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    Afternoon fellers. I'm at it again with the go go go stuff. Interviewed with Coke today for a mechanic position. Same union as I'm currently a member of. Better hours and a better retirement plan. Hopefully odds are in my favor. Tomorrow I get to go see the tax man. Personal property tax time for me. Whew!!! I'm sure the weekend will get here eventually. Nothing for my layout thus far. I have a walthers kit I need to finish painting and putting together. Probably soon as the misses is irritated that it is taking up cabinet space. I'll check in later with y'all.

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