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Thread: Help trying to find where John Allen's notes, drawings and photo's ended up

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    Thanks for sharing this, It is lucky that anything from John's layout survived that fire at all. And I have to say that I am happy to also find in my search that there are some wonderful photographs and documents around as well and although not a large quantity of things overall, the quality is incredible.

    I can't wait until I have something to contribute in three dimensional form and I will be back when I have things better underway. Recreating this layout as closely as humanly possible in this space, and all the magic it once gave us, is my only focus now. I am currently still finishing getting a CO on this building as it was originally just a very large, two story garage. But today it houses a nice small apartment for my Mom on one end of the second floor and The building was not originally built to be a residence.

    Jumping through the hoops of fire but they are getting less and less all the time now. Thanks for the video.
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    John Allen. I hope he laughs knowing he is still the direct cause of so many poor sods crawling under benchwork, picking up slivers and denting heads whilst drinking far too much coffee and problem solving an endless list of troubles we create for ourselves. What a hobby, what a mentor he will always be.

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