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Thread: NCE Powercab, HO Locos, Code83 turnouts

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    Default NCE Powercab, HO Locos, Code83 turnouts

    My work schedule and my wife's land grab have run my little switching line into the ground. Selling off some assets to mitigate losses. All prices include shipping to the lower 48 states.

    NCE Power Cab Complete DCC Starter Set with Power Supply: SOLD

    Kato SD40-2, CN #6256 with NCE DCC decoder D14SR (addressed with road number): SOLD

    Athearn Genesis GP38-2(W), CN #4769 with NCE DCC decoder D13SRJ (addressed with road number): SOLD

    10x Atlas HO Code83 #6 turnouts (7x 564R, 3x 563L): $50 shipped

    Please note, these were painted and installed. Care was taken not to paint over mechanism and points contact, and care was taken during the careful removal from layout.

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    That's a great deal on that Powercab, folks! If I didn't already have two of them, I'd be all over it!
    Good luck on your sales!
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    Prices reduced a bit . . . huzzah!

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    Did you ever sell the Power Cab?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MaximusV View Post
    Did you ever sell the Power Cab?
    Afraid so. I sold it through another forum and forgot to come back and edit thread. Sorry about that.

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