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Thread: Running Bear's Coffee Shop LXVII

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    Did a little work on the railroad while some trains were running. I was pulling the freight cars back into the sorting yard and saw an opportunity to video a meet going on while the yard switcher was working.

    When ya absolutely positively need model railroad fun, choose the D&J Railroad.

    Visit the progress of the construction of the D&J Railroad at:]

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    Ken, we had both US and local visitors at the club, Friday night. The US people were from Idaho and as they were all members of a club that ran outdoor 7-1/2" gauge, not that familiar with DCC. Must have been familiar with DC operation, because we got comments about having trains able to pass each other in opposite directions through a 3 track yard reducing to single track each end and all trains moving under independent control. They remarked how good it looked.

    I'm lost. I've gone to look for me. If I should return before I get back, please ask me to wait.

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    Good Early Morning Everyone. It's 74 and raining which is why I am not out walking right now. Looks like 1.7" in the rain gauge from overnight, but it was dark and still raining so I didn't linger out there for too long. Should be gone before I have to drive to Mass. Didn't really have any outdoor activities planned for today anyway.
    Out in the train shed yesterday, I ballasted another 4' stretch of mainline including two turnouts, and maybe 5' of industrial siding. Painted a few more turnouts which are next in line for ballasting - these always require a little TLC. RANT -I really don't like these scale McHenry couplers that Athearn has been putting on their equipment for the past ten years or so. While they do have a spring like Kadees do, they jam open or closed on a rather regular basis. I generally keep stock couplers on equipment until they give me trouble, then I replace them with Kadee #148's; which couple with my extensive fleet of #5's better than the scale #158's do.

    Terry - Gosh, even the doggie has got a black cloud. You're not really alone though, my granddog who has been staying with us, has puked in the house twice in the last eight days. At least I didn't discover it in the middle of the night, barefoot in the dark!
    Louis - That is an interesting graphic that you posted yesterday. Interesting in that with two exceptions, 18 of the 20 cities are east of a roughly New Orleans-St. Louis-Milwaukee line.
    Toot - The Armadillos would probably survive on most of your continent. Their only enemies are vehicles. When frightened, they jump straight up in the air several feet and hit the underside of the vehicle above them, which usually spells death on the highway. The vultures and buzzards around here love them so they must be tasty. I know that people eat them as well up near where Sherrel was raised, as well as in other rural areas!
    Garry - Thanks for the comment regarding the houses. They are only lined up there while I get the basic landscaping done where they will eventually end up. I don't normally have RR tracks in front yards! On another note, you are absolutely right regarding addiction not being confined to big cities. Even out here inm my rural county of 38,000 there is a meth problem. Fortunately it is mostly centered up in the far northern part of the county that borders Oklahoma near their casino. Too many homeowners with big guns (who use them) in the southern part where I reside.
    Ken (D&J) - Good luck in your search for the box. Did you look in the china cabinet? Nice videos as well, especially the yard and passing trains.
    Sherrel - Thanks for the pictures of the scrapyard. It does look "too clean" compared with the ones in TX. I am glad that you are feeling better. As others have posted, just give it some time. That was TWO major surgeries back-to-back only five or six weeks ago.
    Joe - Thanks for the recent well-thought posts. I too read that story regarding the teachers union in NYC. What a shame that the union and media think that way. While it was not possible for me to send my three kids to private or charter schools, the rural district that we are in has an excellent school, run by folks with old-fashioned ideas regarding education. Until the late '90's, all of the school bus drivers carried paddles on their buses, although they were mostly for show. Kept kids in line though because all parents in the district approved of them. I had one valedictorian, one salutatorian and all three had partial scholarships to college. They now all make far more $$ than I ever did! Best of all, none of the three moved back home after college graduation!
    Curt - Your friend Doug's layout looks impressive. Thanks for the pictures. Thanks to you too Phil for reminding Curt! Separate outbuilding is the way I went as well. I know that not everyone is able to do that, but it is really optimal for me. Of course I don't have to trek through 3' of snow to get there either.

    Everyone have a great Sunday.

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    Good morning, 70 and humid.
    No Whimpering!

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    Willie, that's how I discovered the indoor irrigation...
    Meddle not in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy, and taste good with ketchup.


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    Howdy ... .... We were out on the boat again yesterday evening. We're liking it so far.

    Willie ... Good to hear you are getting more work done on your layout. Like you, I use the plastic couplers as long as they function. Then I replace with Kadees. Walthers has "Proto-Max" couplers which do have metal construction. They are on my Walthers Photo F7's, and one of them has failed too. ......

    Ken D&J ... That is a very nice video of running trains.


    Work in progress .... Here are some shots of my layout extension under construction. I'm not done laying track, but I already started scenery as you know. This is the West End of my layout which includes a reverse loop. ... Again, my railroad is primarily a double track line with a reverse loop at each end. There are branch lines such as the one with my recent bridge project. Most of the layout follows 130' of walls.

    My next project for my layout section will be the foreground where tracks curve around the wall from the older part of the layout to the layout extension. I hope to get started in about a month after some non-model-railroad diversions.

    I don't normally like looking at just boards and track, but here is how the layout extension looks today.

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    Good morning all, 81 and some clouds today, that's 20 degrees cooler than it has been....wheeew...feel good!
    Garry......always enjoy pics of your layout, in the 3rd pic of your last post (above), what are your plans for the corner?
    Everyone stay safe.......have a great day!


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    Quote Originally Posted by 2Tracks View Post
    Good morning all, 81 and some clouds today, that's 20 degrees cooler than it has been....wheeew...feel good!
    Garry......always enjoy pics of your layout, in the 3rd pic of your last post (above), what are your plans for the corner?
    Everyone stay safe.......have a great day!

    Jerry ..... Thanks for commenting .... I have several ideas for the corner, and some will require adding a little more to the benchwork ... If you look to the far right of the 3rd photo, you may see a track that ends above the lower level tracks. I am thinking of adding a bridge so I can have track in the upper level of the foreground. Next, I will put together one of my ideas for the corner. .. I will begin work in mid-September on this corner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edsland View Post
    OMG I can't remember the last time I saw Popeye!! Awesome
    I'm glad you enjoyed it, YouTube has many more.

    Keep High Balling, Be Safe & Have Fun!
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    DRAT - just lost a rather long post!

    Happy Sunday Everyone ... back later!
    I am starting to think I will never be old enough to know better!

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