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Thread: Running Bear's Coffee Shop LXVI

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    I can't find any of those products at MBK's?
    Surely they carry some dont' they.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigE View Post
    I can't find any of those products at MBK's?
    Surely they carry some dont' they.
    Eric are you talking about the decal softeners or the intermodal machines?

    MBK has both MicroSol and MicroSet in stock:

    ...and they have two of the four intermodal handling machines on your list:

    [Actually they also have the 3rd one, but it is N scale...]

    Since "Solvaset" is a Walthers product, you might need to order that directly thru them:
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    - keN in Maryland

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    Good morning. It's partly sunny and 72.
    You're never too old to do something stupid.


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    Ken I was talking about the decal stuff that I couldn't find at MBK.
    The intermodal stuff I already found on MBK.

    Since there is only 1 forklift type, I'll order it.
    But I am not sure which one of the overhead cranes to get.

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    Just going to say -- Morning!
    Been awake for almost 2 hours now - spent one hour of that waiting for computer to install MS BS! I thought I had that stuff turned off!

    Generally have felt like doing nothing the past two days - sure am getting tired of the One Day of Feeling Good and then a relasph back into non sleep and feeling rotton.

    Nice photos of everyone's projects .. Interesting pilot there, ARL.

    Maybe I will feel like putting something of value later on today -- take care everyone........
    I am starting to think I will never be old enough to know better!

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    Good morning, 72 and swampy. Forecast is for summer temperatures, with a daily 20% chance of storms, which means, it ain't gonna rain, but if it does, we told ya.

    I attempted to paint the Reading Freight station yesterday, it did not go well. I used Poly Scale Aged White, and brushed it on. Fortunately, I started on the side that will not be visible on the layout, so the project isn't ruined. I'll try to remove as much as possible and restart.

    Another Harrisburg PA photo, the station during the PC era.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Harrisburg PA 1970.jpg 
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ID:	62356

    And, the Reading Company Station, which was demolished in the early 1960s.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Harrisburg PA Reading Co sta.jpg 
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ID:	62357

    Have a good day!
    No Whimpering!

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    Good morning everyone. It's 72 and 600% humidity - these are the days when you walk outside, wave hello to your neighbor, and havew to go back in to change your shirt! Will get to 94 today, mid-90's every day this week and next weekend, too. We need rain! If any of you have a surplus, please bottle it and send right away

    We'll be on vacation for a while starting tomorrow, so may not get to post regularly. Mostly a stay-cation since folks are coming here to visit us.

    GarryCBQ - Wow! Nice work and nice photos. BTW, is that an 18" bridge? I just got one in and will start working on it in a couple of weeks. Yours looks nicely-done.

    Here are some photos of the passenger station I just finished. Did a little touch-up paint after taking these photos, so the mistakes you will all catch have already been TCO.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Passenger station angled view.jpg 
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ID:	62358Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Passenger station close-up.jpg 
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ID:	62359Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Passenger station with mountain background.jpg 
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    Have a good day everyone.
    Johnny (aka "Raincoat2")
    The New York Central still runs!

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    Caught some of the "Mainstream Media" snooping around! They are looking for a story that will STICK!

    Name:  Russian 2-10=0.jpg
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    I am starting to think I will never be old enough to know better!

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    Good Morning All. Clear and 75 right now. Afternoon temperatures are staying in the lower 90's until Wednesday. Then up to a more normal upper 90's. Still no triple-digits in the forecast. With the exception of last year (1 day) we historically have 30+ days of triple-digits. Had a wonderful visit from all of the grandkids and my daughters and their husbands yesterday. My two grandsons remain until Wednesday, and they brought the granddog to stay with them! Matchbox cars have taken over as a focal point for the boys, and they barely spent ten minutes in the train shed. My granddaughter was a lot more interested, but Daddy had to hold her up to see anything, she's only two and a half right now.
    In the quiet time that I had after most folks had left, I applied decals and signs to the structure that I am building. All that's left is some small details and it will be completed. I installed lighting although it will be a while before power makes it to that portion of the layout.

    Eric - You seem to be moving right along with an actual layout. I know that you were somewhat limited for space back in GA, so that longer run that you are designing will seem like utopia when you get it running. Regarding the decal solutions, I use "Solvaset". It basically softens the decal (don't touch) and helps it settle into crevices and over rivets etc. I don't usually use it when I am applying decals to absolutely smooth surfaces. I do however spray or brush paint some Testor's "Dullcoat" over them as soon as the water evaporates. That feed store may be one of the kits that some European company makes for Walther's. I don't recall their name, but they include those lighting kits in all of them and their instructions are much better than Walther's. Of the three Walther's kits that you mentioned, I have two of them, but have only assembled the forklift. The third one (933-3222) is the "N" scale version of the "MiJack" kit. Edit I see that Ken has already pointed this out. The forklift was used in the 70's at mostly smaller intermodal yards. It has some delicate parts that I broke when I built it 20 years ago, that I had to refabricate with styrene at the time. I haven't built the overhead crane yet, mainly because I am not ready for it.
    Garry - I build just the opposite way (nothing wrong with either method). I build out most of the benchwork, roadbed, track and wiring first and get trains running and then go back and do the scenery. That explains why I have 300'+ of mainline (as well as 800' of sidings and spurs) done, but only about 45' of completed scenery. Trouble is that there are gaps between the scenery and it is not continuous. I too have picked up some lumber at construction sites and some other salvaged stuff from where I used to work; lumber, wire, electronics etc. It's always amazed me what companies discard.
    Chet - Porch looks great now that you're finished. In this area, mockingbirds will dive-bomb things and pets, and will attack their own images reflecting off window glass.
    Ken (D&J) - Fortunate catch on the wheel bearing. It sure could screw up an otherwise enjoyable trip.
    Johnny - Just saw your station pictures. Great work for a newbie! Kidding about the newbie part.

    I hear young voices, so it's time to go. Everybody have a wonderful day.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Sirfoldalot View Post
    Caught some of the "Mainstream Media" snooping around! They are looking for a story that will STICK!

    Name:  Russian 2-10=0.jpg
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    I always thought that FriscoMike (of fame) looked suspicious. Speaking of Mike, I do need to go by the new "Texas Western Model Railroad Club" location and see how things are going.


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