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Thread: The M-K & Eastern RR

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    Hi all. I'm currently renovating a room for my layout.
    It's 22' x 16' and will have coved corners.
    My layout will be a freelancer Colorado narrow gauge in HOn3.
    I've drawn the track plans for it, and I can't wait to start building it.
    To prepare, I've been doing some city planning for one of the towns, called Twin Peaks (work name, yet to be decided)
    IMG_20170518_110214 by Michael Graff, on Flickr
    Main Street, the town will be 8' long.
    The station will be regauged to HOn3.

    IMG_20170518_110240 by Michael Graff, on Flickr

    IMG_20170518_104830 by Michael Graff, on Flickr

    IMG_20170518_110137 by Michael Graff, on Flickr
    The street will go upwards in the back and turn into suburbs.

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    You have quite a nice collections of buildings. Looking forward to see the finished town. I really enjoy modeling town scenes, but being that I model a more rural area, my towns aren't very large, but I am currently trying to add as much detail as possible.
    ................................ Chet

    Video - Switching in Churchill -
    VIDEO Tour of the layout -
    New cab ride -

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    Looking good Michael...hope you don't have to dismantle ��the M-K & Eastern layout to make room for this new layout!!

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    No worries, it's in a museum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Graff View Post
    No worries, it's in a museum.

    Awesome!!!! That layout was incredible and one of my favourites...I actually go to your site and revisit it every 8-12 months.

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    The track plan for my new model railroad.
    6.5 x 4.5 meters in size.

    This is the inspiration for the city on my layout:

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    That's a great layout plan! Can't wait to see it come together.
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    The Whistle Stop Rail Road

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    Anything new with this? The town you were working on looked really good, although the photo looks like somewhere 'out West,' not in the northeastern US. The trackplan looks interesting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Graff View Post
    This is the inspiration for the city on my layout:
    I know that town. At first I thought it was Cripple Creek, then Victor, but the big "Y" of main streets ruled out CC, and the RR track is on the wrong side for Victor. The church tower on the far left side is what nailed it. It used to be a pretty interesting place to go before they approved gambling there. Now it is just, umm, umm, nothing. Here is another view.
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    OMG -- Just realized that it has been 52 years from when I was LAST there!
    I am starting to think I will never be old enough to know better!

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