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Thread: Running Bear's Coffee Shop LXIV

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    Quote Originally Posted by bnsf971 View Post
    That was the outhouse with the basement...
    Sounds like what is known here as a "Long drop".

    I'm lost. I've gone to look for me. If I should return before I get back, please ask me to wait.

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    Another morning and no cat at the back door waiting for breakfast.
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    Good morning gang,
    60° and raining, looking for clearing and 80° today, read that humid!

    The following statement is not an endorsement of any deity, or religion, or belief system, merely an expression of relief!

    NCE über alles!!!
    Oh, let's see what this button on Decoder Pro does!

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    Good morning. It's cloudy and 62. Luckily, it's the last Monday of the week...
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    Ken in VA I'm sorry to hear about your dilemma. It is hard enough to lose one of our furry family members, but it must be much harder not knowing what happened.

    I wish I had some charmed thing to say to make you feel better, but all I have to offer is my support.
    Keep High Balling, Be Safe & Have Fun!
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    Good morning, everyone. Make room in the booth for one more. Flo, I'll have a cup and a jelly doughnut, please. 52 and goin' nowhere here in SW MO - rainy and stormy all day.

    Curt - like everyone else, I say nice work on that building. It's gonna look great when it's done.
    Ken in VA - I echo other's sympathies about your cat.
    Terry - Happy last Monday of the week!

    I've got a model rr mystery for you sleuths to help me solve. I've got about 12 TOs now in the layout. Most are Atlas snapswitches, with four Peco. They all work fine except for one Atlas, which happens to be the last one I put in. I have two engines (hey, don't laugh - I'm still new to the hobby, remember?) - one is an Athern Genesis G22674 F3A with a wheel configuration of 4-4; the other is a Broadway Limited GE C30-7 with a wheel configuration of 6-6. The 6-6 is bigger, longer, and heavier than the 4-4. Here's what happens: the 6-6 takes that TO just fine going straight or turning out; the 4-4 runs fine if the switch is straight, but when I change to the siding it derails every time - - doesn't lose power, just tries to run in between straight and turnout (into the "vee"). If I turn off power and push that 4-4 through the turnout, it follows the rails just fine; it's when I run it electrically that it derails. I've checked the turnout rails and they look fine. I've checked the engine's wheels and, even though I'm newbie enough to not know exactly what I'd be looking for, I don't see anything wrong with the wheels, dirt, hair, or anything else. Hellp!!! Is it the weight of the bigger engine that helps it through that TO? Is the TO bad and needs to be replaced? All suggestions appreciated and will be checked on over the weekend.

    Thanks, all. Have a good day, everyone.

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    Good Morning All. 67° and clear this morning. Expecting 80° again today, then two days of only 70° for a high. 90° by Wednesday. Grocery/beer trek took a little longer yesterday than usual, since my wife came along, now that she's on hiatus. Of course that means unemployment checks start rolling in soon. After napping, I did do some more mowing in time for it to rain tonight and start the cycle over.
    For something a little different in the train shed yesterday, I started to try to catch up on ground throw installations. I only got 6 done, 45 to go! That brings the completed up to 70, and 12 remotes. Maybe I put in too many industries? Nah! Made some trees and weathered two boxcars for diversity. Maybe back to detailing and scenery today...still have over 150' of track to paint and ballast that I would like to get to someday.

    Joe - I appreciate your view on the passenger trains even though I don't model any and I don't even model the northeast at all. I like the RR history from an insiders point of view.
    Louis - When's the first "crab cake fest" at your house this year? I remember that you have praised your wife's crab cakes in the past.
    Terry -
    a pair of 55 gallon drums in series...
    Believe it or not, there are still a few of those around here. Un-permitted of course. Heck, they didn't even require permits where I live until around 2005, and it's actually very loosely enforced. They really don't care if you have problems unless someone complains. There is a man that owns a septic pumping company that lives about two miles away, who dumps his trucks every day in rotating cow pastures. Has the greenest pastures around. When his company pumped mine a few years back, I was unsuccessful in getting his hired hands to dump the truck in my hayfield.
    Curt - I've said it before and will repeat it, you certainly move quickly when modeling. Very nice progress.
    Sherrel - Good news regarding the "exit ramp".
    Ken (D&J) - Too bad about the cat. I feel a certain emptiness whenever one of my strays disappears.

    Everybody have a great day.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Raincoat2 View Post
    I've got a model rr mystery for you sleuths to help me solve.
    Check your wheel gauge first. Also check the height of the frog, Atlas turnouts sometimes have a high frog. Both are easily fixed.


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    Quote Originally Posted by santafewillie View Post
    Check your wheel gauge first. Also check the height of the frog, Atlas turnouts sometimes have a high frog. Both are easily fixed.

    Willie - I'm at work so can't check wheels or frog height. Assuming it's one of these, how do I fix them?

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    Johnny, I've had Genesis F units and Geeps that did that, and it turned out there was "something" fouling the truck sideframes, and preventing them from rotating. I would check the steps at the rear of the front truck, as well as watching closely the top edge of the truck sideframe, to see if something interferes with it.
    Hopefully, I'll have a few minutes over the weekend to compile a list and maybe some photos for you.
    Meddle not in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy, and taste good with ketchup.


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