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Thread: Running Bear's Coffee Shop LXII

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    Willie - Never mind - I get it - you must do this in areas where you haven't started the ground cover, and just let the overspray go onto the plywood. Gotcha.

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    Off to the cabin and lunch on the way... small bar and grill in a very small town (two bars and a beauty salon are the only businesses in town). Having Sea Scallops, cut fires, soup and salad bar for $9.00!!!

    After the cabin stopping at local watering hole to catch up on local news...after a couple of sodas....back home.

    Trains tomorrow.

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    Good mornin' y'all, hope it's a Happy Friday.

    David - I've got a question for you that came up, in my mind, dealing with my 1890 to 1910 baggage & passenger service using shorty coaches. I realize it quite a ways back out of your normal model RR era. My question is, if a passenger train heads out to make it's morning run, lets say, but the towns on both ends of it run have no prevision to turn the cars around for the evening run back, yet but do have a run-around track at either end. Is the Locos position just swapped and pulls the coaches in reverse? That really seems to be a redundant question as how else could they make the return trip other than leaving the train in it original coupled sequence and run in reverse? I was trying to come up with some operational plan for my layout which I do plan to operate as a point to point it times and I was wondering if you had ever come across anything similar to this?
    David: In the absence of turning facilities, they simply ran around the train, recoupled to the opposite end, moved the markers and proceeded. Probably happened more often than we realize. That's why they mount headlamps on tenders. The worst thing was the rush of wind into the open cab, in the winter, as the train moved tender first. Keep in mind that railroads were always tight with a buck, (undercapitalized?), and only spent what they needed to, to provide basic service. The Strasburg Rail Road, in Lancaster County Pennsylvania replicates rail operation at the turn of the last century, shorter open ended coaches et. all, and pulls the train to the Amtrak connection at Lehman, runs around it to return to East Strasburg, tender leading.
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    Hi guys!

    Thanks for the kind thoughts and words, I'm still kicking, just taking it easy on the posting and paying attention to the outside world, nothing to see there so I don't bother looking anymore. My patience has run out, my "give a damn" is broken and I won't tolerate the FAKE anything anymore! I'm having SERIOUS "aging issues" over this last birthday coinciding with formerly minor injuries that will NOT heal correctly! My only optimism comes from knowing now WHY old men are so angry! LOL! MRR is trying to find a space in the new paradigm and I'm not sure it will. If it comes to THAT I'll give y'all first crack at the stock and get what I can out of it.

    The only constant is change.

    Happy Rolling.
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    Friday! It's finally Friday. However in Chessie's world of being a Pepsi employee I'll have a visit from all of my bosses next week. Today and Monday will be a dusting off and polishing everything. I feel as if though I'm back in the US Army again. I was never a fan of dog and pony shows. At any rate at least I can reap the benefits of two days off. Hopefully I can accomplish something on my layout this weekend.

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    Bruce - It sounds like you're ready to try out for the sequel of "Grumpy Old Men". My wife sometimes says that I can get pretty grumpy and all I can tell her is that I have been practicing for many maay years. Maybe I'm finally getting to down right. Name:  icon_lol.gif
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    Morning Folks ... Just leave the pot for me. Slept in late because I could not go to sleep last evening and as I really had nothing really on my mind - I just could not doze off.

    Good to see all the strays showing up again around here - lol. Told you! JOE is just crammed chock full of knowledge. BTW .. didn't most of the cars that were used have seat backs that they just shifted to the other side for the return trip?

    Well doggies .. from drought to the "storm of the century"! All the TV weather people are preaching gloom and doom this morning and, we currently have partly cloudy outside, and doubtful that we will experience very much of the deluge they are shouting for 50-100 miles to the North. It never fails to surprise me what a difference 30-40 miles makes in the weather patterns here.

    That's about it from here, except .. I am expecting a couple more passenger and freight cars for my minuscule MARX collection. About a year or so back I started gathering a few of the 4 wheel - 6 inch cars. They are great for the g-kids to "bang"around and they are simple to re-rail when they derail. I have two sections of rollers - set of nice ones for me and set that I don't mind if they get banged up- which the "wee ones" are good at!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Raincoat2 View Post
    Willie - Never mind - I get it - you must do this in areas where you haven't started the ground cover, and just let the overspray go onto the plywood. Gotcha.
    There are folks that paint the flex track before attaching it. It does leave little shiny spots where the molded on track clips (is that the term?) cover the track before you curve it. Those have to be touched up. Too much trouble for me. But like everything, there is more than one way of doing things. Others use a paint pen and do it by hand, or a fine brush and hand paint. My method is easiest for me.


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    Bruce, most of us old guys are mad because we're old, so it doesn't take much to push us over the edge...
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    Testing... testing...

    Tapatalk must have upgraded again;I had to sign in today, something I haven't had to do in forever.

    I'm really getting excited about the train,show tomorrow. Haven't been to one in a couple of years, I actually have money to spend, and the wife wants to stay home.

    10 days until they start work on the basement. The end of the tunnel is almost in sight.

    Oh yeah: Got a Kato UP Mikado in the mail yesterday.

    One other note. Went to the sixth session of my cop class last night. It was interesting but grim. It was the Detective Bureau's turn, and the brought security camera footage. Than god most of it was in black and white.

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