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Thread: The No Name R.R.

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    Default The No Name R.R.

    I am starting this thread for the new layout i am starting next year. Have a rough plan that i can show but this is first draft. Also looking at late 30's or early 40's. Using 1st generation diesels. The list is as follows. EMD SW1, EMD NW2, Baldwin VO-1000, Alco S-2, and Alco RS1. Shots of the layout. I use SCARM for drafting plans, DanAttachment 54886Attachment 54887

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    Good luck on the new layout. Diesels could make things a bit easier for you. One question, are you going to have access to the hidden track along the back of the layout ??
    ................................ Chet

    Video - Switching in Churchill -
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    Not to put a damper on anything, but in addition to what Chet said about access to the track in the tunnel along the back, that hidden switch on the right will fall under "Murphy's Law".

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    I had the same kind of tunnel in the last one, and i can gain access to it no trouble. The turnouts under the logging tracks are open and is a staging yard i had added when i had the other layout plan. It worked ok for me. That end is open and the 3d of the scarm don't always work right. It shows cliffs. Should be smooth down to the bottom. Along the back it will have some cliffs and the left side it will be hills with a few curves that the track will have to work around. I forget where i got the idea for that. Somewhere. They also said i should have more curves at the sawmill area for the yard. Don't know about that. I know track wasn't always in a straight line but i am not sure about that one. Another thing. I am working on a idea about running the track into the river when it comes out of the sawmill area. i tried it out on the plan in 3d and it will work. I don't know about using Diesels with that kind of track but will think about that. Its not deep water anyway. Still have months before i start the layout up. Dan

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    I started this last night. Not to bad. The track follows the contour of the hill its climbing. Same on the other side of the bridge over the waterfall. On the left side the main comes out of the mountain tunnel, runs thru and can stage cars on two different tracks. the one piece on the right after the crossover is a open track for over flow or engines in standby, something... On the track going up to the logging camp the track leaves the yard going threw the water, (no bridge). See if i can pull that one off!! The 3d don't show correctly. it shows cliffs where the logging camp is. its going to be a slope hill to the bottom. the cliffs are where the river waterfall area is. will be rock. The three tracks on the left are car repair and engine house. Engine yard is smaller as you need fuel and sand. thats about it. new pics below. Next.....Attachment 54899Attachment 54898Attachment 54897Attachment 54896

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    Attachment 54965Attachment 54964Attachment 54963Attachment 54962Made a couple more changes to fit the board. Anyway its the same but better. Dan

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    Haven't been here much but for my phone. My hard drive crashed. Have new one but it isn't acting very good. Not sure what is happening. I have loaded windows 7 twice now, no change. Windows 10 download came up so what the heck. Its going in. Don't know if it will fix anything but will get to see if it plays nice with my motherboard and processor. I may have to go back and replace this hard drive with another. So no biggie if it screws up the hard drive or won't work right. Just having a bit of fun. Anyone else using windows 10?/ Any issues?? I will be using Google Chrome again once i get things working. Anyway, Later, Dan

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    There are a lot of things wrong w/ your plan. The biggest thing is the tracks make no sense given the topography. There's a switch on left that goes to two bridges very close to the river. Good RR design would have that switch on other side of the river saving the cost of 2nd bridge. Bridges are VERY expensive even in the 30s & 40s. Also there's no real yard just some spurs going off every which way. There's a gazillion track plans that can be found on the internet & this & other MR forums. Do a search using whatever parameters you want like layout size, era, prototype or freelance, industry types, etc, etc,etc.
    Andy Jackson
    Santa Fe Springs CA
    ATSF/LAJ Fan & Modeler

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    Dan, looks like you are having fun and have the right attitude! Some people really go bananas when the computer goofs up but I think it is normal.

    Andy above has some tips and I will not venture to comment because I am no expert on layout design!! except, maybe, what can and can't be reached, also know a little about what is fun!! (being able to go on a continuous loop is something I require for layout enjoyment)

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