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Thread: Amish International Speedway, Perryville, MD.

  1. Default Amish International Speedway, Perryville, MD.

    Plan to post some photos in the next couple of days on this layout I'm working on in 'O/027,' using Fastrack and the older Lionel Tubular Rail. Layout constructed on a base of hollow core doors. Stay tunned. Amish Speedway utilizes SCX 1:43 racetrack. Focus of the equipment is PRR, mostly with various electric engines.

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    I am looking forward to that!
    Keep High Balling, Be Safe & Have Fun!
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    3 photos. Its in the shape right now of an 'h,' only without the extension of the left side. 1) Shows the farm at the end of the layout, with Phoebe Snow excursion train on curve. 2)Middle portion of the 'h.' Several storage tracks with trains waiting their turn on the mainline. On the left edge of the photo is the passenger station. 3), In the distance is the passenger terminal, on the far side of the Lionel bridge.
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    Working on a re-incarnation of this layout. Currently using track on the floor, in a room, upstairs. Here's a photo to whet your appetite, of what's to come. Its on hollow core doors. The curves visible are 42" and 54" tubular track.

    An update from 9/17/2016: Spent some time Saturday night adding/arranging things as I somewhat had in mind. First Photo is the 'high priced town,' as all the structures are very nice, and well maintained. (Mostly MTH, Lionel, Woodland Scenics). The other photo is the 'mountain section,' which includes the race track area, or the Amish International Speedway.
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    Hoping to post some photos later today/this weekend. Stay tuned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by otiscnj View Post
    Amish Speedway utilizes SCX 1:43 racetrack.
    Are the 1:43 cars digital control?

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    The 1:43 cars are analog. We(my wife and I) bought the race track at Target a number of years ago now. Carerra has stopped making the SCX brand. They do make 1;43 Digital sets, but its with the GO! type track, not the SCX type of track. The tabs at the end that hold the track together are on opposite sides of each lane, if you try and mix the two. Carerra has not spent a lot of time developing the 1:43 scale. This year, at least, there are no Digital decoders available in their catalogue for converting analog to digital, which I'm very disappointed about. In part this is due to the Spanish tax laws, and financial troubles over there right now. I'd like to make the race track portion of the layout, like a cross between Monaco, and LeMans, with appropriate grandstands, and fences, etc., but Carerra isn't making much in the way of accessories from what I've seen in the catalogue, in 2016.

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    A few new photos of the O gauge set up. I call this addition 'The City.' Its got a passenger terminal, and a few tracks for freight. This was made with sections of my HO layout, that I wasn't using, at least for the basic table. I've since added cork between the tracks and the table top-hopefully to reduce noise some, although I like the sounds that the O gauge trains make. the tracks in these photos are just placed on top of the table, nothing is fastened down. I may add a loop at the far end, so that trains can traverse the city quickly, like on a belt line.

    The main focus is PRR, although they never had an EP-5 of their own. I'm using Lionel tubular track in the passenger terminal, with 042 switches. On the freight side, I'm using some Ross Custom Switches (054) and Gargraves track.
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    You're getting there!

    Have you ever stopped into the Passenger Station in town when the club is running the layout there? I've wanted to stop in for a while now, but forget exactly when it is. I think it's something like the 3rd Sunday afternoon of the month or something like that.

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    Railrunner, I'm not sure which town's Passenger Station you're talking about. There are a number of groups in my area, with different sorts of operating layouts.

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