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Thread: Intermitten DCC operation.

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    Thumbs down Intermitten DCC operation.

    It's hard to post a question when your not sure what to ask. But here goes the ramble, I'm having issues with a Digitrax DH123D mobile decoder that will at times turn the led lights off when running in either directions. This loco has no sound. In addition I have a BL QSI 1 that will at times not allow control of the lights, bell or whistle. Although motor control in both directions seems to functions good on both engines although at times adjustments to the speed seem to be a little slow or like it takes a longer time for the engine to see the change up or down. Emergency stop works fine so far Oh yea. The controller is a Digitrax SCFXD Radio. I have a feeling that I have track issues as I'm converting a DC system on Atlas Code 100 snap track to DCC. I have added additional rail wiring for each 10' of track and insured that rail A and B do not cross and done the quarter test as recommended with good results. I can program and read the decoders on the program siding just fine and can change address's as well as reset the decoders to factory defaults. It's just during the running of the engines that lighting and sound issues arise. All the lighting is LED and the ma draw is set to 10ma with loading resistors. I don't think that there are caps on the decoders. I'm not sure just what they do although I have read that they improve decoder function when there is questionable rail connections. If it was a constant issue it might be easer to resolve. Any and all thought are welcome......solder all the connections ???. Ah get a new engineer or at least the fireman. We having fun yet !!!
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    Hmmmmm, did you add the decoder to the loco or is it factory installed? What kind of loco is it in?
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    The decoder was added to a Rivarossi 4-6-2 Heavy Pacific stock # 5087-07. The engine was modified to isolate the motor and install a wiper on the front driver for the left rail. The tender was modified to allow pickup from both rails, front truck for the right and rear truck for the left. Led lighting was added for the Loco light and a reverse light was added to the tender. They auto switch with the direction of the Engine.

    I should add that I am in the process of adding a second loop of track off the main line and it is on completed as of yet. It has two turnouts and about 26' of additional track. I wonder if the track needs to be completed so there is not an unconnected turnout? Thanks for the read.
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    The incomplete loop won't cause a problem. It's just like any other turnout at this point. As long as you don't have any wires crossed, that's not an issue.

    Have you tried doing a factory reset on the controller? I've had issues with a Digitrax controller in the past that liked to start doing funky things apparently on its own, though I can't *completely* dismiss any possibility that I might have inadvertently punched the wrong key at the wrong time at some point. But yeah, both times that my Digitrax started acting crazed a reset solved the problem. Not until after I'd cleaned the heck out of my track and almost pulled my hair out trying to troubleshoot the decoder instead, but...

    Give that a shot. See what happens.
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    Thumbs up K.I.S.S. is the best thought

    I have been able to run the loco with the digitrax decoder to the programing track and it reset ok as well as re-address the decoder. Some times I can out think my self and " See What I Believe not " Believe What I See ". After deciding that the fix was to take a single line and solder all the connections, about 1 hour worth of effort and confidence building, I then placed the Loco on the track and ran it. Alas, nice solder job though.... The loco ran about 1/2 the rail and the leds went out again. I then reviewed the decoder install and found the Blue Heatsink material at the connector end of the decoder was keeping the connector from seating completely in board socket. A little trimming of the blue, re-connect and now all runs well with lights bright once again and one happy railroader. I guess the K.I.S.S. concept should always be thought of first with any issue. Nice solder job though.............. Thanks again for reading and helping.
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