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Thread: Great American Train Show, Oaks, PA, 18, 19, January 2014

  1. Default Great American Train Show, Oaks, PA, 18, 19, January 2014

    Haven't been to one of these shows before. Anyone planning to attend?

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    I have not. I'm living closer to Timonium and have gone to several shows there. The next Timonium show conflicts with my schedule. As a result, I may do Oaks instead. In March, I plan on attending the show at the waterfront in Wilmington.

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    That's the "Worlds Greatest Hobby" Show in Pennsylvania, the one sponsored by the hobby industry to promote interest in the Hobby. It's different from a regular show in that it focuses on introduction to the world of Model Railroading vs vendors selling stuff. I went to it when it was at Edison. Neat thing about it, is that the vendors there are usually better than average, and there are usually many Manufacturer reps on hand. Down side, it's oriented toward the "Thomas" crowd.

    Timonium in February, is a better show, assuming it doesn't snow .

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