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Thread: New database with free layouts and track plans online

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    Here are shown three more layouts in HO (1/87), TT (1/120) and N (1/160) scales, all in oval form:

    Compact HO Track Plan feat. Figure "8"

    The plan above has one internal loop with one entry point, but can be easily modified in 2 different ways in order to get one more entry/exit point. The modifications are described in the article.

    Compact Oval in TT scale

    This design is just a simple oval with small train station in the center.

    THE EYE - 3' x 5' N-scale Layout of Brian

    This is one already build layout for simultaneously running of up to 3 trains


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    See the track plans and layout designs, published in May:

    The "Shoreline" Layout in HO Scale

    The Future Train Layout of Roger in N Scale

    HO Scale Layout in a Storage Room

    This one is already under construction and shows how even small irregular rooms can be fitted with nice layouts in it


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