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Thread: New database with free layouts and track plans online

  1. Default New database with free layouts and track plans online

    Hello all

    A new website was launched this week, intended to collect and show model train track plans and layouts in all scales and sizes, build with SCARM software. Here is it:

    SCARM – Model Train Layouts & Track Plans

    Most of the content in the site is created by SCARM users and sent by e-mail. Some of the layouts are already presented in SCARM blog, but there are new projects and more will come soon. At the moment, I am editing and uploading all stuff, but in the near future I plan to add support for user registrations, so everybody to be able to create an account and to upload projects in the site.

    Everybody can browse the projects in the site or to search and filter the track plans by several criteria, such as “scale”, “size”, “trackage” and so on. I.e. the following link will show all railroad layouts and track plans in HO gauge, listed in the site for now. Every project has its own page, where it is presented with more pictures, described with many parameters (such as minimum radius, maximum grade, suitable traffic, etc.) and sometimes explained by me or by its author. All (or almost all) published layouts will have corresponding SCARM files ready to be downloaded from the links at bottom in the layout’s page. There is also an option for each project to be rated with rating stars from 1 to 5 – this is located below the description. Voting system works without registration, but is limited by only one vote per project from a visitor in order to make ratings relevant and correct.

    The site is also optimized for smartphones and tables, so you can browse it almost anywhere and anytime. However, some pictures may not look very detailed on small phone screens, but in overall you can get a good impression even from 320×480 sized cell phones.

    At the moment, there is no option for commenting below the layouts, but such feature may appear in the future. The site is now in beta state and needs to be used for some period in real environment to see how it performs, is it easy and useful, etc. So please, try it and comment here what do you think about it.

    And if you have some cool SCARM layout or track plan that you want to share with others, just send your .scarm project file to me at with a couple of lines, explaining your idea.

    Hope you will like the site and will get many other ideas from it even if you don’t use SCARM

    Author of SCARM

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    This is pretty cool! I downloaded the program too to see if I can figure out how to design a decent layout. LOTS of features in the program, particularly for a newbie like me. If nothing else, though, I plan to keep an eye on the plans others post in hopes that at some point someone will post a plan similar to what I have in mind. Thanks!


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    Thank you, Jeff

    There is another topic here on the forum where I am posting all new stuff and updates about SCARM. See it here:

    And the news from today are about a new detailed tutorial for SCARM, written by another user - see about it in the following article: Detailed SCARM Tutorial From User Point of View.


  4. Default December update

    The track plans and layouts in the database are growing - now there are more than 40 projects of all scales and sizes. Here are the most searched categories so far:

    HO scale track plans (all sizes)
    N gauge track plans (all sizes)
    Small railraod layouts & track plans (all gauges)

    Most recent, top-rated plan in HO: Compact Railroad Layout in HO scale

    Most recent, top-rated plan in N: Ikea IVAR Shelftop Railway Layout in N Scale

    I hope that everybody will find something interesting and inspiring there


  5. Default Did you know, that... can search in the database by track plans, virtual layouts and real operational layouts.

    A track plan keyword means only a track route without any other elements or objects on the plot, which allows you to finish it by your choice with adding of scenery objects like roads, buildings, industries, etc. See here all model railroad track plans in the database.

    A virtual layout keyword is used to describe a partial or complete layout design which includes all or almost all objects needed for realistic look and operations. See here all model railway layouts in the database.

    A true operational layout keyword is used to mark all projects in the database that are already build in the reality, based on initial track plans and designs, created in SCARM. See these real model train layouts with the initial designs and the real pictures together.

    Hope that this will help you to find the right track plan or layout, just for you


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    The last added project to the SCARM database is now a Featured layout for February.

    See it here: Warren's Layout in HO scale.


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    The layouts and track plans in the site are growing and are more than 60 for now

    See the most remarkable additions to the database for April:

    Rosco's Dream Layout in N Scale

    Marklin Suitcase Layout in Z Scale

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    See the last added N-scale project in the site, which is also a Featured layout for May:

    The Train Layout Room of John in N Scale

    The layout is designed with many details, including the rolling stock and even the furniture in the room. More pictures,description and the track plan of this project can be seen in the link above


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    Hello Mixy,
    I was wondering, and wanted to ask you, with your knowledge of working with database/s to create your fantastic program for track design is it possible you could create a pick-up & delivery program for us to use to operate our layouts more realistically? I know this can get to be quite complex but possibly you could design a data base frame-work, so to speak and let each of us create whatever complexity we wanted by making it easily editable to our desired liking.

    I'm not all that familiar with the proper terminology but figured your so familiar with working with databases it shouldn't be too much of a task?

    I hope I'm not asking for something that is too involved or creates any difficulty with others doing something similar?


    David Smith
    Ps: I downloaded another database to attempt to create my own Pick-up and delivery schedule but need to become familiar with working with databases and the variables to know what I'm doing although my plan for this somewhat simple and don't tend to get too complex in variables etc. Hope I've kind of given you an idea of what I'm thinking about?
    'C & S West, Short-Line RR,' Under Construction, is a 10'x21' Folded Dog Bone, Hand Laid track & switches,
    in weathered code 70 & 55 Rail Craft Rail. A turn of the Century theme, from about 1885 to 1910 HO/HOn3 RR, loosely modeling D&RGW, RGS & C&S, the logging line closely tied to the Sierra's in Ca.
    Visit my new Website at:

    You can also email me at: or call my cell-phone 559-676-3736 always glad to help.

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