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    Will a Walther's Cornerstone Union City roundhouse work with a Walther's 130' turntable, or do I need to change to the modern roundhouse or a smaller turntable?

    Thanks, John

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    I believe that the 130' TT is designed for the modern roundhouse. However, I personally believe that any turntable can be made to work with any roundhouse. It depends on how far you have to set the roundhouse back from the turntable. This is determined by the angle between the stalls of the roundhouse. IIRC, the two most common angles at one time used in MR was 7.5` and 14`. I haven't checked out the angles on any of the newer roundhouses out there, but except for the cheaper turntables like Bachmann's and Atlas, by moving the roundhouse either closer or farther away from the TT's center point, you'll find a happy medium where any house would work with any TT.
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