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Thread: repower for the older tyco/ mantua

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    Default repower for the older tyco/ mantua

    this will be a nice upgrade for stuff yea just wannna keep

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    It would be nice if NWSL comes up with a gearbox and motor for the old Mantua/Tyco Pacifics and Mikados. I have improved a number of these older models using either gearboxes from Yardbird or, much earlier, the old Harold Mellor photo-etched sheet brass gearboxes, and Canon 20mm diameter coreless motors (no longer available ). Even without flywheels, these modifications made for some very smoothrunning models. Backlash was taken care of using old Athearn drive train splines.

    The 20mm motors just fit inside the boilers of the Pacific and Mikes, and could readily be set up for DCC decoders in the tenders because they are insulated on the outside, with the motor leads coming out the rear.

    At some future time, I might go for DCC/Sound in one or more of them.

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    Here's a direct link to NWSL, if you don't want to do the "parade of pages" thing to find it:
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    Quote Originally Posted by bnsf971 View Post
    Here's a direct link to NWSL, if you don't want to do the "parade of pages" thing to find it:
    REPOWERING the Tyco Mantua 0-6-0t

    isn't this type of motor used on many other locomotives?

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    Yes it is. A particular size motor can be used in many different locomotives. A motor is simply limited by its size, meaning it can be be used in any other loco that it fits into.

    I've used the same motor in 4-6-2's, 2-10-2's and 2-8-0's with no problems.
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    I don't see a flywheel listed in the kit contents for #1172-4 REPOWERING the Tyco Mantua 0-6-0t that is in the Model Railroad News description (1/4 of the way down)


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