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Thread: Kato V9/V10 Unitrack Crossover

  1. Default Kato V9/V10 Unitrack Crossover

    Hello All

    It may be a silly question but I would like to know from the people who know it best. It is possible to a crossover Unitrack V9/V10 from Kato as a mainline? As a new model person i would like to start cheap to make sure its what i want. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you

  2. Default Kato 15 Deg Cross, Left and Right.

    I have a number of the Kato UniTrack sets and Variation Sets, including the V9/V10 that have the 15 deg. crossover. They are designated LEFT and RIGHT. On the back of the box, they show how the Variation Kit can be mated to a Master or Basic oval set. Inside, there should be a guide showing how to combine the M1 or M2 Master (Basic) Oval set with one or more of the Variation Sets. It is possible to use the 15 deg cross on the main, you will be offsetting track one way or another depending on your layout. UniTrack is made to tinker, create a layout to use and then put away. Believe it or not, you can find various UniTrack layouts people have devised (here on this forum) or even copy Atlas N and HO scale track plans. One word of warning, you can use N scale UniTrack and duplicate the HO Atlas layouts, but you will be using virtually the same board space as the HO plan or even bigger. Yes, you will have lots of real estate but you will be able to run more modern equipment (trains, rolling stock) and longer trains. Another note, using the longer radius curves in 15 and 30 degree segments, you can create easements going into and out of curves like the more seasoned modelers recommend. Good luck and have fun.

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