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Thread: FOS scale models Red Hook Wharf

  1. Default FOS scale models Red Hook Wharf

    Ad pulled and not selling.. Thanks for the interest.
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  2. Default FOS - Red Hook

    Hello - what are you asking for this FOS Red Hook kit? It is HO Scale, correct? Thanks in advance, Robert

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    Quote Originally Posted by darryl1936 View Post
    I ordered this/these kits just before I decided to move up to On30. So now to find a new home and since FOS is sold out, here is your chance to pick these up. Not selling lower than the list price plus the shipping. Will trade for On30 stuff. Oh ya ! My order hasn't arrived but should be soon as I was one of the early orders. Anyone interested ? Darryl in Oregon
    I have a person ready to finish the deal but if that falls through, I'll post.

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    Thanks. Just let me know.

  5. Default Ad pulled

    I want to thank everyone that had an interest in this kit...

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