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Thread: Problem with AIU-01 and JMRI

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    Has anybody tried (succeeded in even?) using Microsoft 'Visual Basic 6 Pro' to generate Model Railway Interface source code?

    My objective is to get sensor reports on a layout mimic generated by my own 3rd party software, called 'SMARTRAX'. Hardware is BD20/AIU in conjunction with the NCE 'Power Pro' DCC system.

    It's a long shot but the JMRI boffins appear to be doing it every day in JAVA so why not in a legacy language of which VB6 Pro, having a comm. port object, is a star performer for the amateur user. Only snag is you need a pre-W7 platform such as W98, W2000 or 'XP'. Happily this can be worked around using e.g. 'VMWare' to float VB6 on e.g. W2000 on e.g. W8.1 and I'm lucky enough to have a 'stand-alone' copy of 'VMWare' for non-commercial use. I purchased it some years ago with a W8 Pro package.
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