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Thread: Ho scale printable buildings?

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    Default Ho scale printable buildings?

    Is there a web site that has Ho scale printable buildings. so that you can print them and glue them to wood ?

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    Many of the models out there seem to be for pay, but here are a few I have found that are free:

    Lots and lots of shipping containers:

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    These HO background lats are from the Zealot website:
    They can be copied easily. Just Be sure to click on the bar above image to copy correct size. If you're a a good "hacker" (not me lol), you should be able to make them in your scale. The names on signs should be easy enough to makeup on a computer to what fits your needs.
    Andy Jackson
    Santa Fe Springs CA
    ATSF/LAJ Fan & Modeler

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    Thanks guys. I'll check them out

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    Check these out.

    I should state that I am in no way affiliated with this company, I just found them during my Google searches and thought I should let people know about it.

    They are pretty amazing, and the cost is low.

    They are pdf file that you buy, download and then use as many times as you like! The concrete texture is bang on, and once you attach the printed images to cardstock, it has full scale depth, edges, looks like a true custom structure in full 3D buildings!
    What I mean is each raised surface is actually raised. For example, the frame of a door and window are forward of the "glass", and not just by the thickness of paper, they are actually scale dimensions.

    There are a bunch of structures to choose from, and you can even download the "textures" themself to allow full kitbashing and scratch building possibilities. The structures even have interior detail that can be seen through the windows.

    The site has 4 free sample structures that can be downloaded, printed and built as many time as you'd like. Once you download a structure, it's yours forever, no time limit on the file.

    The biggest downside (for me at least) is that it is mostly British structures, but I think with just a little ingenuity, they could easily be made to fit a North American layout.

    I haven't built any of the structures yet, but I did download one of the free ones and have printed it out. The detail looks amazing! Best of all, it's a cardstock structure that isn't flat!

    I'm thinking that if he gets enough business from North American customers, we might be able to put in requests for North American type structures.

    And they keep adding new buildings every so often. I found them back in January and there are already 2 new models. One is a gantry crane that just looks amazing! It's roughly $10.00US to download (actual price is in pounds 5.99. For the most part, they range $6-10US.) , which might seem a little high, except when you consider once you buy the plans, you can print them as many times as you like. Screw it up or want to change it once it's built, all it costs you is a little ink and cardstock!

    Have a look!

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    Try Model-Builder:

    It is payware but the program lets you build your own. I use it for virtual railroading artwork.


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    nice BOOKMARK

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    Check these out.
    I built two of his freebies, one The small goods store and a cold storage brick building that isn't listed on the site anymore. Both are pretty challenging, especially tracking down the different paper weights for the backing (you print the model out on regular typing paper and laminate it to thicker paper and card)
    If you have the time and patience I recomend them, but try one of the free ones first.

    Thanks for the link to clever models. I might try the free brewery for a background structure..

  9. Default Flats from the Zealot site

    let it be known that at least 80% of the images used to create these flats were purloined from Clever models and the rest seem to be from Evans design.
    wile we generally don't mind people sharing our work, assuming they purchased the textures. We do require them to give proper credit.
    The raw textures used without permission or credit, represent thousands of hours of my original photography and retouching.
    Enjoy the flats if your conscience will let you.

    Thom M Clever models llc

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    I've got the Ohio House Motel model from this site sitting in my entertainment center. I think it's a nice balance between good detail and simple construction.

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