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Thread: December, better late than never.

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    Great entries from everyone. These are two of my favorites, Alcos and trout fishing. DJ.


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    Beautiful Jay! I enjoy the mixture of generations in that photo.

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    Nice work fellas, here's a shot on the club layout!

    I like it alot, hope you do too.
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    NCE über alles!!!

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    Those are some really great scenes & shots as well as the modeling involved! Very good everyone!

    Time for me to get to work on my layout.
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    in weathered code 70 & 55 Rail Craft Rail. A turn of the Century theme, from about 1885 to 1910 HO/HOn3 RR, loosely modeling D&RGW, RGS & C&S, the logging line closely tied to the Sierra's in Ca.
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    Pssssssssstt! It's January!!
    NCE über alles!!!

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    hey its dec 2012 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    If you are trying to drop a hint I got it. Lets do it again. I will start a new thread

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    Wow amazing photos i like this photos this si really pretty good photos the photogrpaher make this very naturaly and looking as a painting not original this is the quality of a professional and experienced photogrpher's hand made photo....


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