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Thread: tooter goes big time...

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    Installed the Decauville track to the shed and cut the door so that it clears the rails...

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    Layed another 10 feet of track, and moved the hand car shed to where the track is flat so that when I take the cars out, they don't go zooming down the hill...

    So far there's only 50 feet layed and still 190 feet to go.

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    I like your scenery, very realistic! I think the motorbike is a bit out of scale though.
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    Is this one more to scale?...

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    Look, it's a Tooter Scooter! Now if you took the engine off that little bike...

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    Now take the engine off to power your scooters... or re-gauge the bike (if that's even possible ) for rail use
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    Take the tires off the rims and get an outrigger, you'd have a powered velocipede!
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    Laid some more track and the weeds are filling in nicely on the other sections for that old time abandoned narrow gauge look I really like...

    There was a huge change in the grade at the bottom of the hill (5% to 0%), so I put a 10 section between two 6x6's and jumped on it to put a bend in the middle of the rails. Now the joints are nice and straight with no stress on them.
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    That looks possibly not N gauge......but very cool none the less!

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    N gauge? You can have a whole N gauge layout between that gauge!
    Eric from Boston, MA. Modeling Norfolk Southern and Pan Am Railways.


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