Here are some more freight cars I have for sale:
Athearn 55' ACF covered hopper BNSF #423847 $12
Athearn 54' PS Ribside covered hopper BNSF #428308* $11
Roundhouse FMC 4700 series covered hopper BN #452579 $12.50
Roundhouse FMC 4700 series covered hopper, Val-U-Hi-Supply VUHV #103* $10
Roundhouse FMC 4700 series covered hopper, Boone Valley Coop BNSF patched #421051 $20
Walthers 40' Ortner Aggregate Car, WC (AC Repaint) #208387 $14
Walthers 40' Ortner Aggregate Car, GRR $9 used
Roundhouse Golden West Bulkhead, GVSR #461015 $11*
Athearn 54' PS Rib-side covered hopper Cargill TLDX #7241
Athearn 50' Gondola, Erie #14427 $11
Athearn 50' Railbox car, Golden West GVSR #777503* $10
Walthers Gold Series Airslide covered hopper, CCLX #50055* $18
Athearn RTR 57' Mechanical Reefer, UPFE #460638 $15
Athearn 57' Mechanical Reefer, SPFE #458834* $11.25
Athearn 50' Railbox car, Rock Island #300347* $10
LBF 50' PLUG Door High Cube Box, UP #517744* $10
Roundhouse 50' FMC plug door boxcar BN #732520 $12.50
Athearn 50' double door box car, undecorated Tuscan painted trucks. Only has Kadees equipped $7
Walthers Amtrak Horizon car Dinette $20
Walthers Amtrak 46 seat coach $27

All the cars are weathered, if it has the * next to it then it's not weathered. All the cars in this post have Kadee couplers and metal wheels. They have hardly been used and are in good
condition. I will give discounts if you buy in quantities. Email me at
bacap87@yahoo.com if you have questions, want more info, or want photos. I accept PayPal, check, and money order as payment. Shipping is determined on location.
Patrick Baca