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Thread: SP vanderbilt tender pics

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    I am mocking up a sp 120-c-8 tender for use behind a P-8 pacific I want to build in brass. I have the tank all nice and CADed up, but I am having trouble finding pictures of the top of the tender to know what details to put there. I have some good shots of 2479's tender side, but nothing from the top. Also, if anyone knows of some head on views so I can get the details right on the front of the tender, it would be much appreciated.

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    Lucky for you I'm an Espee brass freak. Hope these help:

    Other information: Oil capacity: 4912 gallons; Water capacity: 12,150 gallons; weight light: 124,900 lbs; weight loaded: 264,500 lbs

    Hope this helps!

    Modeling Espee on the Coast and in steam

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    What a cool tender!

    That gives me an idea for a shorty version with a small tank and one 6 wheeled truck.


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