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Thread: a question regarding kato unitrack switch machines

  1. Default a question regarding kato unitrack switch machines

    hello to all:

    new to n scale, I have purchased 4 kato turnouts, but am wondering , can they be used with those "trainset" power packs, if I want to keep my MRC pack for train running only ? And do they operate on ac or dc power ? I'm confused, as Kato offer a ac/dc "adapter" to use...
    I DONT want to use Kato's little blue switch machines, I am going to use dpdt momentary toggles, but am unsure how to power the !

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  3. Default thanks, but....

    That really explains the switch mechanism, but what about power source ?? Is it ac or dc ?? And can I use a trainset-style power pack, as I'm using my good MRC pack solely to run the trains, not any accessories. Any help is MUCH appreciated....

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    The power source for the KATO turnouts should be 12 volts dc. If your MRC pack has an AC accessory output, then you can use it with the KATO UNITRACK #24-842 DC Converter to power your KATO turnouts.

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    Default Kato Switch Connection

    A normal Kato switch has a three part set up. The turnout, a converter, and then a switch throw. I have the same question that was asked orignially. I want to use a completely separate power pack for switches and other layout items (light, houses etc), not the trains. Now I saw the hook up of the fifer hobby supply double pole double throw switch. Understand the "x" pattern setup and now see the incomming power is soldered to either end of the switch and the wires to the turnout are soldered into the two center connections BUT, the incomming power is it DC or AC (from the extra power pack) and do you go from the double throw switch directly to the turnout or do you use the converter?

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    The incoming power should be 12 volts dc that connects to the switch and then to the KATO turnout.

    A lot of model train power packs have an AC accessory output, in this case you would connect a KATO UNITRACK #24-842 DC Converter to the AC accessory output which converts the AC to DC. The output of the DC Converter is connected to the switch and then to the KATO turnout.

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