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Thread: Turtle Field Layout

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    Thank's !

    Here the work on bridge aboutment they are full scratchbuilt to in evergreen :

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    Some work on rolling stock : Painting an heavyweigth in Rio Grande paint scheme :

    Aluminium paint is from Alclad II.

    Really dig the Rio Grande car. Nice work on it.

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    Some news of the bridge scene :

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    Hello all !!

    Here is a all new video from my layout :

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    Hello All,
    I have on my extension a diamont crossing witch was not so smooth to run. The problem was that the atlas Straith 60┬░ crossing was not the best way to give the right curve :

    So i have made a complete revamping of the track of this area:

    The hart of the project was to built a diamond crossing in double-curve with the correct 52┬░ that i need :
    Very hard to do in N scale 4 days of hard job 8 hours per day ...

    Here is the test video of new tracks, it was lot of work but i think it look better now :

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    What was the resistor that you use. I am guessing that you had used leds for lighting. what kind of leds and resistors did you use. also the power supply

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    Sorry i dont understand the ligthing you mean? Did you mean the ligthing for the video ?

    It's a pair of halogens spotlight.

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    No I want to use led in my buildings and have no idea how to wire them. I have a normal ho train pack for powering and I don't know what to buy to do this . like what kind of led, resistors. I got some tonight and burned the resistor and led out. had it wired on ther + side and didn't work. please help

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    Default this photo

    Attachment 36108 what was used for the lighting here

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    Ho yes, i understand now !! It is standard 3 or 5 mm yellow pannel LED. On my layout power is provided by a 24 Volts industrial power supply. So i use 1K ohms resistor. If you use standard 14 V from a power pack, better is to use a 640 Ohm resitor.

    The law is U=RI
    U tension in volts
    R resistance in ohms
    I current in amps.

    So if you want to have the R value, you use this law : R=U/I
    I is the current dropped by the Led (Cf data sheet of the component you have chosen) ,
    U the tension provided by the power pack.

    You bring the nearest upper resistor value you will find in electronic store.
    For pannel LED (20mA) 1/2 Watt power is enouth.

    If you chose Hight luminosity LED (droping 30mA to 50mA) better is to purchase 1 Watt power.

    Never use 1/4 watt !! Too Hot

    For polarity it is very simple : if it's work polarity is ok. If don't work polarity need to be inverted.

    Resistor is mounted in serial, one resitor on each LED.

    My two cent's ...
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